How Do I Choose the Best Vintage Western Clothing?

Misty Amber Brighton

Vintage Western clothing can be fun to wear whether you are visiting a dude ranch or simply like the style. Since many Western accessories are made from leather, you should look these pieces over to make sure the material is not faded or cracked. It can also be a good idea to make sure the snaps on shirts and jackets close properly. Since people were much smaller when these vintage clothes were produced, it is very important to try on Western clothing to make sure it fits properly.

A vintage cowboy hat.
A vintage cowboy hat.

You may want to buy an entire outfit of Western clothing or only a few accessories. Western accessories are often made from leather, while vintage Western clothing might be denim or cotton. When you are looking at leather pieces, it can be a good idea to look for holes, rips, peeling or stains in cotton or denim pieces. If you do find vintage clothes with these defects, you may be able to put a patch over them, which could further give the feel of the Old West.

Western style belt buckles are worn for self expression, as well as preventing the wearer's pants from falling down.
Western style belt buckles are worn for self expression, as well as preventing the wearer's pants from falling down.

Another characteristic of vintage Western clothing is the metal snaps often found on the shirts. You may want to close and open these snaps to see if they still function properly. Pay attention to whether any are missing, as it could be difficult to find replacements for these.

When you go shopping for vintage Western clothing, it is important to allow plenty of time to try on clothes. Buying your normal size could result in Western clothing that is too small. If you have a special pair of boots or a cowboy hat, you may want to wear these when you are visiting different boutiques, as this can allow you see how they might look with a particular outfit.

Do not be afraid to mix vintage Western clothing with more modern pieces. For example, a Western shirt could go well with a new pair of jeans or denim shorts. Likewise, vintage jeans may work well with a sweater or tank top; you could even pair these with a pair of leather boots or a cowboy hat. Flexibility can be the key to finding the right Western clothing at an affordable price no matter how or where you plan to show off this style.

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