How Do I Choose the Best Vintage Wedding Shoes?

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Vintage wedding shoes can look great with many different types of wedding dresses, and can give a really unique feel to the entire bridal look. There are two options for people who want that vintage look for their wedding; the first is to browse around online, or in vintage clothing or antique stores, to look for actual vintage shoes. The other option is to get vintage inspired shoes, which are made with modern materials but have a vintage look to them. These are often a better option for some people because they can be custom made and may be more comfortable to wear all day than actual vintage wedding shoes.

When choosing vintage wedding shoes, begin by considering the style and length of your dress. Though it is possible to get the dress length altered, many people do not wish to do that, and want to simply purchase shoes that go well with the length based on the heel height. Consider also the embellishments of the dress; lace, satin, or beadwork are all common inclusions on wedding dresses, and it may be possible to find vintage wedding shoes to match. This is one example where purchasing vintage inspired shoes may be a good idea, if a dress has a particular detail that you specifically want to match.


Though fashion may seem more important than comfort when choosing stylish vintage wedding shoes, this is no small consideration. Think about the fact that you will be wearing the shoes all day long, likely standing for most of the day and night, as well as dancing in them. A shoe that is slightly uncomfortable in the morning can be agonizing by the end of the day, and can really ruin some of the fun at a wedding party. If you are determined to wear vintage shoes, but find that they are uncomfortable, another option might be to purchase a more comfortable pair of shoes to wear later on, such as a pair of cute flats.

It is also important to consider the color. It is a popular wedding trend to dye satin shoes in a bright color, which can really add some visual interest to the look. In most cases, this will really not be possible with actual vintage shoes. Purchasing dyeable vintage-inspired wedding shoes is probably your best bet for such situations. Be sure to actually try the shoes on with the dress a few times in a few different types of light as well; all whites are not the same either.


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Post 4

I know when most people think of vintage wedding gowns and shoes they think of an ivory color. While this is the look and style I was going for, I wanted my shoes to be a different color.

I dyed my vintage shoes a light pastel color and they turned out well. Now that I look back, the bottom of my dress was so full that my shoes really didn't show that much.

If I were to do it over again, I would find a pair of vintage wedding shoes that didn't have a heel. I really don't think people take much notice of the shoes and I would rather wear something that was more comfortable.

I never wear heels when I dress up, so don't know why I thought I needed heels that day either. Since then I have seen some really cute vintage wedding shoes that are much more comfortable than what I chose to wear.

Post 3

@bagley79 - I think you were very wise in your thinking there. When I got married I wanted to wear the same wedding dress my grandmother had worn and it had a very romantic, vintage look to it.

I wore the same dress my grandma wore when she got married, and the same shoes my mom wore at her wedding. The dress was much more comfortable than the shoes were.

The vintage shoes were a perfect match for the dress, but they were a little bit too tight and my feet were really hurting. I ended up taking them off when we were dancing. By then it didn't really matter what the shoes looked like.

Post 2

I am the type of person where comfort always comes before fashion. This was no different when I got married, and when I realized I would be standing for most of the day, I wanted to find the most comfortable pair of shoes I could find.

I have always loved the casual, vintage look so that is what I began looking for. I ended up with a pair of flat wedding shoes that had the material and embellishments of vintage shoes.

Because of the style of these shoes I could wear the same pair all day long and not have to think about changing shoes when I went to the reception.

Post 1

My wedding dress was a vintage style, so of course I wanted some vintage style wedding shoes to match. I went with some vintage inspired shoes that were very comfortable.

The older vintage wedding shoes I tried on were not very comfortable and I knew my feet would be killing me before the ceremony was even over.

If my feet are hurting, it is hard to think about anything else and I didn't want sore feet to ruin my day. I haven't worn my vintage wedding shoes since then, but someday they might come in handy for the perfect outfit.

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