How Do I Choose the Best Vintage Fur Coat?

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Many individuals enjoy the look and feel of a vintage fur coat, and would like to integrate one into their wardrobe. In order to choose the best vintage fur coat, it's necessary to keep a few things in mind before committing to a purchase. This includes deciding on either fake or real fur, picking which type of animal, choosing a color, picking an appropriate length, and deciding how much the budget will be.

Usually the first thing to think about before shopping is to decide on either a fake or real fur. Many people have an aversion to real fur because of animal cruelty issues. If this is the case, it's sometimes possible to find a vintage fur coat that's made from synthetic materials.

The next option to consider is what type of animal fur is preferred. Some of the more common animal types include mink, rabbit and fox furs. If a specific animal is preferred, then this will most likely dictate where the fur is purchased from. In general, this can make the shopping process more difficult and is likely to be more expensive. If there is no set animal in mind, then a suitable coat may be easily found in numerous shops or on websites.


The color is another element to think about when making a choice. If keeping the coat clean is an issue, then it's better to pick a darker color. Otherwise, if a more flamboyant look is desired, going with a lighter color or solid white is the better choice.

The length is another aspect to decide upon when choosing a vintage fur coat. Some coats fall just below the waist, while others can fall all the way to the floor, and drag on the ground. Making a choice is ultimately up to personal preference, but be aware that very long coats that touch the floor can often be a hassle. This is because they naturally accumulate dirt and become damaged over time.

In addition, it's also important to think about costs and decide on a budget cap before beginning to shop. Fur coats can differ substantially in terms of price, so it's smart to have a rough estimate in mind when browsing. Often, a vintage fur coat of reasonable quality can be found at an inexpensive price in places like thrift stores and consignment shops. If money isn't an issue, then top of the line coats can be found for thousands of dollars at specialty fur shops or online.


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