How Do I Choose the Best Vintage Designer Jewelry?

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When buying vintage designer jewelry, it's important to look for quality, style and price in order to choose the best pieces. Many experts recommend familiarizing yourself with particular time periods or designers before shopping, as this can help you find authentic designs and high-quality pieces. Ideally, vintage designer jewelry should be in good condition, with few scratches and no tarnishing. Designer jewelry typically retains its value best when unaltered from its original design. To choose the best jewelry, look for legitimate, like-new pieces that are available for an affordable price.

You may wish to look for vintage designer jewelry that has been cleaned and stored properly, as this will increase the value of your collection. Accessories that have not been taken care of will often appear dull and could have loose stones or clasps, so finding pieces that are intact and that possess their original shine is a bonus. You can buy vintage designer accessories from many places, but you will often find some of the highest-quality pieces available at estate sales, jewelry stores and online. Before buying a new piece of jewelry, you should research the store or find a reputable seller with experience selling vintage jewelry.


To be informed about what you're buying, you may also wish to become familiar with the wide variety of styles of vintage designer jewelry before shopping. If you like styles from a particular time period, find out who the most popular designers were during that time and what their trademark styles look like. Additionally, it might be helpful to learn about common signs of counterfeiting in diamonds, pearls, gold or other jewelry materials. This will often help you discern authentic pieces from fake designs, while also assisting you in choosing valuable pieces.

Prices among pieces of vintage designer jewelry can vary widely, as costs can be based upon the age, style and quality of a piece. You can sometimes expect higher prices when shopping at fine jewelry boutiques or estate sales, so you might need to look for vintage designer jewelry at a consignment shop or garage sale if cost is a major concern. Legitimate vintage designer jewelry costs more than replica pieces or vintage fashion jewelry, so you should also be careful to determine the jewelry's authenticity before making your purchase. To choose the best vintage designer jewelry, look for a piece that is in line with standard market value as well as your budget. The final price you pay should reflect both the value of the jewelry and the place the piece will hold in your collection.


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