How do I Choose the Best Vintage Coffee Table?

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A key factor in choosing the best vintage coffee table is patience. Finding the right antique coffee table can take time. Condition is important when choosing vintage furniture. In addition, the vintage coffee table should fit in with the interior design of the home. Budget also has a role in choosing a coffee table.

In order to find interesting vintage coffee tables, buyers can look at antique shops, keeping in mind that some stores offer discounts, have sales, or may be willing to entertain offers. Other places to search for antique coffee tables include estate sales, auctions, antique swap meets, and antique show events. Even garage sales can offer a vintage coffee table surprise. If one is an antique and vintage furniture hound, it pays to build relationships with potential sellers as the sellers may offer the buyer a special deal or let the buyer have "first look." It all depends on how much time one is willing to take in a search.


Condition comes into play when choosing a vintage coffee table. Keep in mind the description of the condition of a piece of furniture can be highly subjective. For example, one person may not mind scratches while those same scratches can rule the piece out for another individual. In addition, some styles, like shabby chic, are supposed to look used. Also consider whether you will need to repair a piece of furniture and factor that cost into your decision. If the vintage coffee table is reasonably priced, can be repaired at a reasonable price and still fits within a budget, the piece may be a winner.

The right vintage coffee table should add to the interior decor of the house without becoming the focal point of the room. Many people choose to use only furniture from one style. For example, if the interior design of the home is primarily art nouveau, the best antique coffee table for the room would probably be an antique coffee table made in the art nouveau period or a coffee table made in the art nouveau style. Some people also like to match woods so that the furniture in a room is all made of the same material, such as oak or mahogany. Others pick their furniture piece by piece for an overall eclectic appearance.

Budget is always important when buying furniture. Unless the vintage coffee table is unusual or unique, spending more money than what is allotted can lead to buyer's remorse. Some people justify spending more money in hopes that the value of the vintage coffee table will increase over time. Unfortunately, values of antiques fluctuate both up and down and there is no way that one can predict what will be more popular in the future.


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