How Do I Choose the Best Vintage Bedroom Accessories?

Sherry Holetzky

Vintage bedroom accessories can add a lot of charm to any sleeping area even if that space is not necessarily considered to be a vintage design. An eclectic mix of old and new can be very interesting, attractive, and inviting. For those who love the vintage look and want the entire room to have that feel, there are a number of sources online, on TV, or in print that offer vintage bedroom decorating tips. Choosing the best vintage bedroom accessories has a great deal to do with personal taste.

Vintage bedroom accessories are generally of higher quality than their more recent counterparts.
Vintage bedroom accessories are generally of higher quality than their more recent counterparts.

One of the best things about truly vintage bedroom accessories is that many items are of higher quality craftsmanship than their more recent counterparts. Compare each piece that you like to something similar offered by furniture or home accessory retailers in your area. You may have a hard time finding the same quality and style, even in vintage knock-offs, although many newer items can be quite charming as well.

Your vintage bedroom accessories will probably last a long time. Vintage furniture is more likely to be made from real, solid wood, and thus will be much sturdier than some of today’s offerings. The hardware tends to be of better quality as well. Still, you can find attractive, quality vintage-look pieces if you shop around.

As long as the piece is structurally sound, don’t worry if it looks a bit worse for wear, as that is often part of the charm. It can be a lot of work to achieve an attractive distressed finished for a shabby chic or beach cottage look. If you find a piece with a naturally distressed finish, don’t be afraid to go for it.

Try to look at vintage pieces in a different way. Many items can be used in ways that are different from their original purpose at creation. A vintage, hand-painted mailbox can be turned into an adorable indoor accessory. The gate from a picket fence may make a perfect headboard. Keep in mind that any interesting item has numerous possibilities.

Colored glass pieces can make great vintage bedroom accessories. Using colored glass is a great way to inject some soft color into a space, and many of these pieces are also quite elegant. They don’t have to match precisely, but close shades work well together. You could also try a fun mix of colors.

You may also find some vintage bedroom accessories that look like new, or could look like new with a coat of paint or a bit of touching up. Don’t be shy about visiting antique shops or estate sales. Both are good sources for locating unique vintage bedroom accessories.

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