How Do I Choose the Best Vase Stand?

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Finding the right vase stand can make your vase and the flowers in it stand out in any room. Choosing the best one will depend primarily on your personal taste, but the durability of the vase stand and the material it’s made of are also important. A vase stand that starts to wobble or will rust if left outside is not a good choice. Any type of stand can be used as a vase stand, but one designed specifically to hold vases will typically offer better ways to display your vase.

The first consideration for your vase stand should probably be an aesthetic choice. The vase stand should match your vase as well as any flowers that will be put in it. If you are not sure what flowers will be in the vase or if you plan to use it for multiple vases, a neutral style or color may be best. Choosing bright colors or uniquely-styled vase stands is best only if you are going to display a specific vase or floral arrangement.

There are a wide variety of materials and styles available for vase stands, but some are more popular than others. Metal-wire vase stands are popular because they highlight the vase and come in artistic designs. Basic stands, such as block or wooden stands, may be pieces of art on their own. Ceramic, marble, and wrought-iron and other metals are common materials seen in vase stands.


Size is important when purchasing a vase stand. If you are going to display the vase on a table or on the floor, a short block-style vase stand should suit you. Many shorter stands come with feet, like a table, and offer a certain elegant look. If you want the vase to have its own stand, you may want a stand more like a thin table that the vase will fit properly on. Tall vase stands made of wood are very popular, and many of the metal-wire vases are fairly tall and can stand on their own.

Regardless of the material you choose, make sure the quality is good enough to support your needs. A cheaper, smaller stand might look fine, but could break or chip easily, especially if it’s made of pressed wood or another cheaper wood. If you are going to put water or something heavier in the vase, make sure the stand can support the weight.


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