How Do I Choose the Best Valentine Crafts for Preschool?

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Art activities for kids are prevalent in most schools, and valentine crafts for preschool children are typically highly anticipated. As part of the school curriculum, there is often time set aside to explore the students' more creative side in areas such as music appreciation and craft projects. The most common valentine crafts for preschool students are valentine cards, valentine baskets, decorated photo frames and flower pots. When choosing the best valentine crafts for preschool students, consider cost, time, difficulty, and general student interest.

Though most valentine crafts for preschool students are relatively inexpensive, by the time February arrives, the yearly school craft budget may be exhausted. Choosing crafts for kids that utilize recycled items such as soup or juice cans, newspapers, magazines, or scrap wood keeps the cost down while helping the environment. If you are not a teacher and merely looking for valentine crafts for your own preschool children, opt to buy craft kits from the local arts and crafts stores. The kits come with all the needed supplies and instructions for assembly.


The amount of time it takes to make the craft project is another thing to consider. Since preschool students often have a short attention span, choose art projects that can either be completed in short steps over several days or are super quick to complete in one session. An example may be a painted wooden photo frame. Have the preschooler decorate the plain wooden frame with paints, beads, or decoupaged magazine cutouts. Once the frame dries completely, spray with a clear coat to seal then add a snapshot taken of the child.

In addition to choosing valentine crafts that are quick to complete, take into consideration the difficulty of the project when deciding whether it is suitable for preschoolers. If the project is going to require using tools, such as a hammer or saw, complete those tasks before involving the child. Long or difficult art projects may cause the child to become bored or frustrated when they have to wait or are not able to help.

Valentine crafts for preschool students should be fun and not a chore. Young children are usually excited about creating gifts or craft items and it is important to keep them focused on the task and let them choose how to decorate the item. Flowerpots with their name on them, hearts, or endearments such as "I love you" are a fast and easy way to keep them involved with the activities. Add flowers once the pots dry completely to complete the craft.


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Post 3

@irontoenail - I don't think it's limiting their imagination to have a template for the kids to follow. I mean, most preschoolers are going to be making things every day using construction paper and glue, or some other kind of craft materials. The only difference is that on Valentine's Day they are making something specific.

You can get them to cut out a heart and then let them decorate it however they want, or do something of that kind. Frankly, I think what they enjoy the most is the giving part of the operation, as long as they understand from the start that that's what they have to do. Giving the little hearts away and getting them in return is a lot of fun for anyone.

Post 2

@pastanaga - It's not difficult to set up some Valentine crafts for preschoolers though. All they really need is some construction paper and those blunt scissors that are safe for them to use, and maybe some glue as well.

I think the biggest challenge can be explaining what they ought to be constructing. Kids won't automatically know what the day is about and making hearts and flowers might not come naturally to all them. As long as you explain that they are making something to give to a friend or someone they love, though, I think they will do all right. It's better not to limit their imagination!

Post 1

One thing to consider is that toddlers find the whole idea of Valentines exciting, so you don't just have to set aside a particular activity for them to enjoy.

In my experience kids really love being able to help with things like breakfast in bed. It's good to get one parent to help and one be the recipient (or in a one parent household, maybe the parent and the kids can get back into bed to enjoy the breakfast together!) since kids that age won't be able to do much by themselves.

You can do things like sprinkle icing sugar over porridge in the shape of a heart, using a cookie cutter as a guide perhaps and letting your wee

one apply the sugar.

They will be thrilled to be a part of the process, believe me. And if you've forgotten or not had time to get any other kind of preschool valentine crafts together for them then it's a good kind of alternative.

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