How do I Choose the Best Used Massage Tables?

Sandra Koehler

Used massage tables are a frugal way to get quality equipment on a small budget. The first step in deciding whether to buy new or used is research. There are many different styles of massage tables with varying price tags. Determining the features required to fulfill your business plan is crucial. The most important features to seek when searching for used massage tables are performance and safety.

Massage tables are used to support clients during massages.
Massage tables are used to support clients during massages.

With any table, it is necessary to test out stability. This can be accomplished by a visual inspection of the legs and its attachment to the table. Stability should also be tested by ensuring it can withstand weight and movement. Ask for original paperwork to make sure of weight limitations.

Some tables, such as those used by athletic trainers, are designed to be portable.
Some tables, such as those used by athletic trainers, are designed to be portable.

Massage tables come in stationary and portable forms. When purchasing a portable table, a thorough check of the locking and unlocking leg mechanisms is a must. Other things to bear in mind when considering portable used massage tables are the overall weight and size of the table, and the ease of breaking it down and assembling it.

Other options available with stationary and portable massage tables include removable headrests, arm shelf, bolsters, and carrying cases. Be sure to inspect the table for scrapes and nicks from wear and tear especially common when traveling with a massage table. Any disruptions in the padding or its cover may worsen over time. Holes or cuts also damage the overall integrity of the table by providing a place to harbor germs.

Purchasing used massage tables is a good way to get higher quality tables, such as those that include electrical components. Electric massage tables come with a variety of settings, from standard up and down movements to aid in the client's safety when getting on and off, to adjustable headrests and elevations of the upper or lower body for better positioning. Some also come with built-in heating. A thorough check of the electrical components along with the make and model number and any repair history can help avoid any future problems.

Another component to consider when choosing used massage tables is padding type. Most come with a washable vinyl exterior surface; however, this does not mean it is waterproof. If offering spa-like treatments which require water, it is best to look for a spa massage table.

Padding also comes in a variety of thicknesses and types. Denseness of the inside foam impacts support. Memory foam, for example, is very dense, thus supplying an increased amount of support when compared to standard 1 to 2 inch (2.54 to 5.08 cm) foam padding. Other variations include such things as a prenatal table with chest and abdomen cutouts and extra positioning pads to increase the comfort of expectant mothers.

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