How do I Choose the Best Underarm Whitening Cream?

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Underarm whitening cream can be purchased in stores and online, though the type of cream that you purchase is important. Creams that contain the chemical hydraquinone should be avoided. In addition, creams that contain a number of other chemicals may not be good for your skin. Aside from purchasing an underarm whitening cream, you can also try various natural skin whitening remedies.

Hydraquinone has been linked to various medical conditions including cancer. Japan, the European Union, and Australia do not allow the sale of products that contain hydraquinone. Thus, it is best to avoid any creams that contain this ingredient if you live in a country where products containing hydraquinone are still sold.

Prior to purchasing any underarm whitening cream, ask for a sample of the cream you intend to try. Since most of these creams contain a number of chemicals, your skin may react adversely to any product. By conducting a skin patch test, you can avoid skin irritation caused by strong chemicals.

As with any skin product, it is also a good idea to ensure that the product you choose will work well with your skin type. Just as facial and body lotions are marketed for various skin types, so are underarm creams. Look for a product that coordinates with your skin type in order to avoid skin irritation.


Aside from mass-produced underarm whitening cream products, you may also want to try natural creams. Many health stores and natural stores carry products that do not contain a large number of chemicals. These products may work as well as chemical-laden products in addition to being better for your skin.

There are also various home remedies that may lighten your underarm skin, including citrus juice. Some naturalists believe that the acid from citrus fruits, such as lemons and limes, may help to whiten skin. Some people have also found that exfoliating underarm skin regularly can help to lighten skin's appearance.

You can also find various product reviews by conducting a bit of research. Ask friends and family members who use an underarm whitening cream for their opinion, and read consumer reviews. Frequently, finding a great product means spending some time reading about the pros and cons of each underarm whitening cream on the market. If you cannot find a cream that works for your skin, you may want to consider visiting with a licensed dermatologist who can recommend prescription creams and ointments.


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Post 3

I like the Finale Whitening Cream. they sell it on Amazon.

Post 2

@babylove - The best skin whitening cream I've found is a strong bleaching treatment by Fair & White. It's a lot less expensive than those other fancy brands and in my opinion works just as well.

I use it both under my arms and on my elbows which have always been darker than the rest of my arms. It only took a few days before I began to notice a difference and with continued use it kept my underarms light and bright all season.

Post 1

This is very interesting. I didn't realize you could buy a skin lightening cream for the underarm area. Now I know how the models in the magazines keep their underarms so white. I've always thought they used a special wax or something.

I'll have to give this a try now that Summer is here. Even though I shave the area daily I've taken a notice to how much darker my underarms really are.

There are so many lightening and brightening products on the market that I don't have a clue where to begin. What skin whitening products do you use and do they really work?

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