How Do I Choose the Best Underarm Epilator?

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The best underarm epilator is largely a matter of individual preference. Various kinds of attachments can make the process of epilating easier for some people, although these can make the price of the epilator too high for some. While the attachments make a huge difference for some individuals, most underarm epilator users agree that the basic features of the epilator, such as the size, cord length, and speed settings, are much more important.

Often, the feature that makes the most difference for users is the number of tweezer heads on the underarm epilator. This determines how many hairs are grabbed at one time. Users with a low pain tolerance might prefer an epilator with fewer tweezer heads, while users who can tolerate more pain in order to get the process over with more quickly may opt for an epilator with a larger number of tweezers. Common attachments that also make the process more comfortable include caps that cover some of the tweezer heads and cause fewer hairs to be pulled at once, lights that illuminate the area being worked on so that small, painful hairs are not accidentally pulled all at once, and even cooling attachments that slightly numb the skin before the hair is removed.


Regardless of any attachments, it is important make sure the main features of the underarm epilator contribute to a safe experience. The device should fit comfortably in the user's hand and be easy to manipulate. Many users also prefer cordless, battery operated units, or at least units with very long cords. This can be helpful because the process of epilating the underarms often requires holding the arms in an awkward position for several minutes and is only made more uncomfortable by short, restrictive cords that keep the user tethered close to a specific electric socket.

The speed settings can also be an important feature for some individuals who may be more comfortable varying the speeds based on how long or dense the hair is in a certain area. This is especially important if the underarm epilator will be used on other areas of the body besides the underarms. While a fairly high speed setting may be appropriate for the thicker, coarser hair in the underarms or on the bikini line, some users find that a lower speed is required for the hair on the legs to avoid breaking the more fragile hair off at the skin instead of removing it from the root. Conversely, some users find that a higher speed setting is fine for epilating the legs but too painful for the underarms and bikini line.


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