How do I Choose the Best Under Sink Organizer?

Anna B. Smith

To choose the best under sink organizer, consumers should look for shelving which will accommodate any existing water pipes while providing a secure location for storage. Shelving that can be adjusted after installation can be conveniently custom designed around unique piping structures. Sliding baskets may be preferable for cabinets which house large pipe works that consume one full side of the storage area. Door mounted baskets and towel bars create additional space and may be combined with any other organizational system or piping situation.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Sink cabinets that do not accommodate a garbage disposal can be combined with double shelf storage systems that provide openings for water pipes. Garbage disposal units are often large and require additional pipe fittings and generally require one full side of the under sink cabinet room. Sinks which only use traditional "S" shaped pipes provide more room for storage.

A double shelf under sink organizer with movable panels can be purchased for any size cabinetry and customized around the existing piping. The two shelves must first be anchored to the opposite facing walls of the cabinets to provide maximum stability. Two metal rods extend from either wall and allow for the movement of the sliding panels. The shelving panels can be snapped into place after assembly and then moved along the rods by sliding them to create a customized opening size through which metal water pipes may pass unhindered. The panels and rods, once secured to the walls, can support the weight of multiple items without flexing or breaking.

Tiered sliding baskets are a convenient solution for cabinetry which does not allow for mounting brackets or must also house a garbage disposal. These under sink organizer baskets are typically the width of only one side of the cabinet. They may require some light installation to anchor them to the bottom floor of the cabinetry for weight stabilization. Once in place, the baskets slide into and out of position on roller tracks that create a smooth, even movement. These baskets are often short in height, allowing them to be placed conveniently under low-drop sinks or additional piping.

Door mounts and towel bars are two under sink organizer accessories which may be combined with any other organizational system. These features are equipped with small screws that anchor a small basket or towel rod to the cabinet door. This requires use with a thick cabinet door to prevent the screw from punching through to the opposite side. The baskets are generally shallow, allowing several items to be placed side by side securely. The doors can then shut without bumping into additional organizing systems or extensive piping. These accessories provide storage solutions for cabinetry which must also house large garbage disposals, allowing full access to the piping and disposal system beneath.

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