How do I Choose the Best Undenatured Whey Protein?

Bryan Cowing

If you are trying to build muscle, stay in shape, lose weight or boost your immune system, undenatured whey protein is an important supplement. There are many varieties available, however, and choosing the right one can be as important as deciding to use it to begin with. Things to consider before buying are source, purity, flavor and how you intend to use it.

Undenatured whey protein is popular in the bodybuilding community.
Undenatured whey protein is popular in the bodybuilding community.

Undenatured whey protein is different from regular whey protein, because it is less processed. The lack of processing means more of the natural compounds are retained in the protein powder. The main compound offered by undenatured whey protein is glutathione, an antioxidant that also helps synthesize protein and repair tissue. Many bodybuilders will attest that protein powder is considered one of the most important — if not the most important — supplements for building muscle. Beef, chicken, eggs and fish are all great sources of protein, but protein powder is much easier to transport and consume.

Undenatured whey protein is less processed than other whey powders.
Undenatured whey protein is less processed than other whey powders.

When buying undenatured whey protein, consider the source from whom you are purchasing your product. Only buy from reputable sources. Research consumer reviews to check for any complaints lodged against the company or the specific product. If you plan to buy the product online, you may also want to check the shipping rates before you make your purchase.

Purity is another important consideration. Pure undenatured whey protein is not flavored, because of the processing required to add flavor. If you want only undenatured whey protein with nothing else, make sure you read the label carefully. Many protein powders contain undenatured whey protein blended with other types of protein. Look for labels that indicate the contents are 100 percent undenatured whey protein.

If you’re willing to forsake a bit of purity for flavor, mixtures of undenatured whey protein and regular whey protein are available in strawberry, banana, chocolate and berry, to name a few. Before you make your choice, consider your likes and dislikes and, of course, any allergies you might have. Another consideration when it comes to choosing the best undenatured whey protein is what you plan to mix the powder with. If you are mixing the powder with juice, you might prefer a berry flavor over chocolate. If you are mixing it with milk, then chocolate could be the better choice.

Undenatured whey protein also is offered for sale in a variety of sizes. Consider your preferences — along with how much you realistically intend to use — before making a purchase. If you are aiming for a bargain, buy in bulk. Purchasing a large container of protein up front can save you more money than purchasing several small containers over time. Expect to pay between $12 and $15 per pound of pure undenatured whey protein.

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There is undenatured whey protein out there with flavoring. I use one and it has natural vanilla flavoring. The whey protein is still pure and unprocessed otherwise. It's very difficult to drink unflavored whey protein.


@SarahGen-- That's a good question. There may be a few whey protein products that are undenatured without being called as such. But it's difficult to know unless the product specifically ays so or the manufacturer is contacted for more information.

Like the article said, many whey protein supplements have a combination of various types of whey protein. If you purchase 100% pure whey protein powder without any additives, coloring and flavoring, then the chances that it's all undenatured whey protein is high. But if you get something that's colored and flavored, then it's not undenatured.


Does the product need to say "undenatured" on the label for it to be processed? For example, is "pure whey protein" also "undenatured?"

I want an unprocessed pure whey protein supplement, but undenatured whey protein isn't as common as other types. I'm having trouble finding it so I'm wondering if some whey protein products are already naturally undenatured?

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