How do I Choose the Best Two-Way Pager?

N. Madison

Unlike other types of pagers, two-way pagers allow individuals not only to receive messages, but also to send them. Choosing the best two-way pager usually involves carefully considering the size of the screen on the pager as well as the size of the keyboard and its keys. Selecting a two-way-pager with a suitably sized screen and large enough keys can prevent unnecessary squinting and minimize the issue of hitting the wrong keys when sending a message. When selecting a two-way pager, you may also look for one that has an anti-glare, backlit display that will make it easy to view messages in all types of lighting. Likewise, you may prefer a model that has a sturdy construction and is unlikely to break easily.

Technological advances made it possible for individuals to respond to pages with short messages.
Technological advances made it possible for individuals to respond to pages with short messages.

The size of the display screen may prove important when you are trying to choose the best two-way pager; a pager that is too small may make it difficult to read the messages you are sending as well as those you receive. Likewise, you may prefer to choose a two-way pager model that includes a backlit screen. This feature may make it easier for you to read your messages if you are awakened by a page at night, have to read messages on an overcast day, or are attempting to send messages in a dimly lit room. Sometimes, however, bright light may cause an issue as well. As such, you may do well to choose a two-way pager screen that is also resistant to glare.

The size of the keyboard on a two-way pager may also play a major role in how satisfied you are with your selection. Some keyboards and keys are too small and make it difficult to send messages. In such a case, you may inadvertently touch unintended keys when you are creating messages. While two-way pagers don’t usually have very large keyboards, you can find some that are larger than others.

Before you choose a two-way pager, you may also do well to read some reviews to learn how likely a model is to break if dropped or bumped. While you are unlikely to intentionally drop or bump your pager, accidents do happen. Reviews may include information from a user who has dropped his pager once or twice. Such reviews may help you gauge whether or not the pager is unsuitably fragile. Learning this, and other details, about a pager ahead of time may help you avoid making an unsatisfactory purchase.

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