How Do I Choose the Best Two-Tone Shoe?

M. Walker

Choosing the best two-tone shoe will depend on your personal style, your desired colors and materials and your budget. Leather two-tone loafers are commonly available to both men and women, but other styles also exist, such as heels, sandals, flats and athletic shoes. Generally, it’s best to consider the two-tone shoe in the context in which you plan to wear it, whether it’s for a certain occasion or for everyday wear.

Sandals are a popular style of two-tone shoe.
Sandals are a popular style of two-tone shoe.

Personal style will be the biggest factor in finding the right two-tone shoe, because there is a wide range of styles available. Loafers and leather shoes with laces tend to be more of a trend, and they generally are worn with pants in casual or business casual settings for both men and women. There also are modified loafers and flats for women, which also frequently feature leather materials and mimic the style of traditional loafers. Sandals, heels and dress shoes typically feature metallic shades and woven leather straps of different colors.

A two-tone shoe may prevent the need for buying multiple pairs.
A two-tone shoe may prevent the need for buying multiple pairs.

When looking for a two-tone shoe that fits your personal style, you also can look at the different fits and rises of each pair you try on. If you intend to purchase a pair of everyday shoes, try them on with the pants you would normally wear with them. If the hem of the pants either drags on the ground or sits too high on your heel or ankle, then you’ll know the shoes are not an appropriate rise. You also will be able to evaluate the comfort level of the shoes and whether certain styles are more likely to give you blisters or sore heels.

Colors and materials are the next consideration, because multi-colored shoes vary greatly in color palate and material. Unless you’re looking specifically at athletic shoes, which frequently come in bright colors, opting for a neutral color will increase the versatility of your shoes. Shades of brown, gray and black, when mixed, can match with virtually any outfit, allowing the shoes to be worn in many different situations. Women’s dress shoes often come in metallic shades such as steel, bronze, yellow gold and white gold. Not only will these add formality to an outfit, they also will match with different jewelry metals, allowing women to wear the same shoes with multiple accessories.

Lastly, considering the price of your two-tone shoe choice can also affect your decision. These shoes can range in cost from less than $20 US Dollars (USD) at bargain stores to more than $300 USD for designer-label dress shoes. Putting together a budget before you shop can be helpful in narrowing your options and prioritizing the qualities that are most important to you.

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@raynbow- I agree with you about two-toned shoes, because they add depth to any outfit since they are not just one solid color. When it comes to wearing them with a formal outfit though, choosing the right pair can be tricky.

The easiest way to wear two-toned shoes with a formal gown is to choose a pair and match the gown to one of the colors. For example, if you choose navy and white spectator pumps, you could go with a navy gown. Or, you could match your gown with high heels that have two shades of one color, such as dark and light green. Pair them with either a dark or light green gown for a dramatic look.

Another easy was to wear two-toned shoes with a formal gown is to choose a classic black dress. Almost any color combination would go with black, especially black and white high heels.


Does anyone have some tips for choosing the best type of two-toned shoes to wear with a formal gown? I love the look of these classy shoes, but don't want to get a pair that doesn't look right for the special occasion.

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