How Do I Choose the Best Two-Tone Shirt?

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The best two-tone shirt for you will likely depend on your preferences of how you want the shirt to look and the colors in it. Two-tone shirts can be purchased at many retail locations, but they also can be bought from vintage stores. A possible benefit from buying a two-tone shirt from a vintage store is that no one will be able to wear the same shirt as you.

Look on the Internet for examples of two-tone shirt styles. These types of shirts are easily recognizable by many people, but they also can vary in their design. After you've seen a few examples, determine what you like about each shirt and try to find a shirt that has those qualities in it. For example, if you decide that a two-toned shirt with pockets is what you're looking for, shop for a two-toned shirt that has the particular style of pockets that appeal to you. It's important to be comfortable in your shirt, because you'll be wearing it.


Decide on the pattern of your two-tone shirt. Two-tone shirts can have their colors on different parts of the shirt. Some shirts will have the colors running vertical on different sides of the shirt, and other shirts might use one color for the body of the shirt and a different color for the collar. When shopping for a two-tone shirt, the shirt you ultimately choose will largely be up to your personal preferences, because there is no right or wrong type of two-tone shirt to buy.

You probably should find a two-tone shirt that has complementary colors. There are two-tone shirts on the market that utilize colors that don't match. Unless you are going for a mismatched look, pick a shirt that has colors that look good together.

An important factor to consider is how the colors look against your skin. Not all colors will flatter every person. Try on shirts in the dressing rooms of stores to determine how both of the colors complement your skin tone. It's also a good idea to get the opinion of other people before purchasing any shirt.

Consider looking for two-tone shirts at vintage shops. Two-tone shirts have a history in fashion. Although they can be considered trendy, they also have been popular in previous decades. If you're looking for a unique two-tone shirt that no one else can wear, visit vintage shops for one-of-kind pieces. Shirts that are purchased from vintage stores might be a little more expensive than those at regular department stores, but the shirts that you buy from them usually will be something that only you can wear.


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