How Do I Choose the Best Two-Tone Earrings?

B. Miller

Two-tone earrings can be a great way to add interest to any outfit, and to wear different metals together but in a coordinated way. Gold and silver are some of the most common combinations for two-tone earrings, often layered in such a way so that one color sits directly on top of the other. Copper and gold or copper and silver are also common metal combinations that can look great together. The types of earrings you choose depend on what you want to wear them with, as well as the other types of jewelry you wear. As a general rule, it is a good idea not to mix too many different types, which can look messy.

Gold wire is recommended for jewelry pieces like earrings that come in close contact with the skin.
Gold wire is recommended for jewelry pieces like earrings that come in close contact with the skin.

When choosing any types of earrings, consider the way they will look with your face and your style. Some people with long faces find that shorter earrings or studs look best, while those with round or square faces find that longer earrings help to complement the face in a more flattering way. Taller or shorter women will also want to consider the length of the earrings they choose; longer earrings on a short person can make the neck look short as well. Fortunately, there are thousands of different styles of earrings available to address these considerations, in both inexpensive costume styles as well as pricier fine jewelry styles.

With most two-tone earrings, generally one color will dominate the piece of jewelry more than the other. If the two-tone earrings are comprised of silver and gold, consider which one will look best next to your skin tone. In general, people with cooler skin tones look best wearing silver jewelry, while warmer skin tones are flattered by the tones in gold jewelry. If you wear primarily one type of jewelry or another, you may want to select two-tone earrings in which that color is dominant. For instance, a common style in two-tone jewelry is two circles or discs stacked on top of each other; the one with the color that is most noticeable is the dominant one in that particular piece of jewelry.

Also consider the materials the earrings are made of, at least the wire that goes through the ear. Earrings made of cheaper materials can cause irritation in some people, so stainless steel or pure gold might be a better choice. There are many websites that sell unique two-tone earrings in different and creative combinations, many made with hypoallergenic metals, so searching online can be a good place to start.

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