How do I Choose the Best TV with a DVD and a VCR?

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A TV with a DVD and a VCR built-in is often considered a wise way to save space, allowing you to have a few options for watching movies and television shows using a single device. One of the main ways to choose this type of product is to consider the size of the television screen that you need, a decision that will likely depend on the size of the room you will put it in. Aside from size, you should also consider picture quality, as you need to determine whether you want a high-definition screen. You should also consider the input and output ports available on the product, as one with various types gives you greater flexibility.


The typical TV with a DVD and a VCR is small to medium in size, which you should consider before you decide whether to buy one. You will not typically find a big-screen TV with either a DVD player or VCR attached, since most modern large televisions are flat-panel. Therefore, they do not usually have enough room for convenient additions like a video cassette recorder or DVD player, which leaves you with either a small or medium TV. Consider how far from the television you will be before you choose, which typically depends on the size of the room. For example, if you plan to place it in a small exercise room, a small TV should be fine, while a den with a couch across the room from the TV usually calls for a larger product.

You should also think about the purpose of the TV with a DVD and a VCR, as this can determine whether you should spend extra money getting a high-definition TV. For example, if you plan to watch television while you work out, just to have some form of entertainment, a high-definition TV may not be necessary. On the other hand, if you plan to use this as your main television, especially to watch movies that may have appealing special effects, you will likely be most pleased with an HDTV.

Finally, you should consider more technical aspects, such as the number of inputs and outputs on your TV with a DVD and a VCR. The more you have, the more options you are typically offered. For example, a product with digital audio output ports for the television, DVD, and VCR allows you to hook up surround sound speakers so that the sound quality is improved. You should also consider a TV with a DVD and a VCR that features a port for headphones if you ever want to watch loud television without bothering others around you.


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