How Do I Choose the Best TV Internships?

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In the news business, where there are tight deadlines, long hours, and high tension, an individual who catches on to those demands becomes valued, whether an employee or an intern. TV internships across the general news and business news categories are often that catalyst that launches an undergraduate or graduate student to that first job. To select the best TV internships, students should apply to stations that are enjoyable to watch. Local internships are fine, but a simple phone call could open the door to an assignment at a worldwide news organization.

Students who major in mass communication, broadcasting, or journalism might be interested in careers in television production. Cable news has become so pervasive, and this has created more opportunities for students. The best TV internships are those that offer interns an ability to participate in production and are most likely to lead to employment after graduation. A student should be willing to run equipment, such as photocopiers, and exhibit from the onset an ability and willingness to work as part of a team and provide thoughtful ideas.


Entertainment television is another area where students can pursue careers and may begin with TV internships. Individuals who are interested in getting involved with celebrity news, sitcom programming, or even television graphics might pursue this path. Social media has found a platform in entertainment television, and students may be able to seize opportunities for both. Recognizing the best TV internships in this category depends on the expectations of the student, such as whether it's a paid situation. Interns may be given little responsibility in this setting, but it could lead to industry connections that launch a career.

The unusual thing about working in television is the prevalence of 24-hour programming. As a result, students seeking TV internships may find themselves working unusual hours, such as overnight shifts or early morning calls. Many times, an employee who holds some of the more unnatural hours does not do so for an entire career. Interns may find that working challenging hours is part of the process of paying dues.

TV internships can be as technical or creative as students want them to be. Audio technicians are needed to monitor, maintain, and improve the sound quality of live and recorded programming. Also, students who are interested in photography can operate cameras on set during internships. Videographers also travel out in the field with reporters to do live segments. The best TV internships will allow students not only to observe multiple tasks but also get involved to determine the right ones to pursue upon graduation.


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