How Do I Choose the Best TV Hutch?

Dan Cavallari

In many living rooms, the TV is the centerpiece around which family members and guests will gather to enjoy some downtime. It is important to support the often large and expensive television with a sturdy and attractive TV hutch that can accommodate the needs of the homeowner or renter. A TV hutch will generally feature a flat surface on which the television can rest, as well as low set cabinets and higher shelves that fit around the television. Some newer hutches will accommodate flat screen televisions that can be suspended from a built-in mount.

A TV hutch may be the focal point of a room's design.
A TV hutch may be the focal point of a room's design.

The best way to start choosing the best TV hutch is to consider the size, shape, and function of your television. Older televisions can be quite large and heavy, though newer flat screen models tend to be lighter and easier to maneuver. If you have an older television set, it is very important to figure out the dimensions of the unit as well as the general weight; choose a heavy-duty TV hutch made from durable materials such as hardwoods or metal, as the hutch will need to support a heavier weight than it would if your television was a lighter flat screen model.

For the flat screen television owner, it may be a good idea to buy a TV hutch specifically designed to accommodate such TVs. These units will often feature an upright arm to which the TV can be affixed for hanging. This is a common option on flat screen televisions, though you will need to ensure the mounting hardware is included with the purchase of the hutch. Otherwise, the flat screen TV can simply sit on the flat surface of the TV hutch in much the same manner as older televisions. Make sure the hutch is wide enough to accommodate your television; many hutches will be labeled clearly to indicate how large of a television it can accommodate.

The price of these units can vary significantly according to several factors. It helps to have a budget in mind when shopping for a TV hutch, and also to have an idea of what extra features you may want. Be ready to pay more for a unit made from high end materials such as hardwoods and certain types of metal; larger units tend to be more expensive as well, and units that feature more shelves, drawers, and cabinets will raise the overall price.

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