How Do I Choose the Best Tuba Books?

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Choosing the best tuba books depends on the level of skill one has already accomplished as well as what one is looking for in the book. There are many guides to playing the tuba, as well as books filled with sheet music. For some people, a book that details the styles of various tuba players or the history of the instrument might be valuable. Some books come with additional materials, such as musical accompaniment. In general, choosing the best tuba book requires browsing the available selection and choosing the book that best fits one's needs.

Many people who buy tuba books already have a basic understanding of how to play this instrument. It is very difficult to learn how to play the tuba entirely without instruction, but it is easy to improve using books that include exercises and tips. Most books of this type include ratings that help indicate the skill level for which the book is intended. It is a good idea to try out an exercise or two from this type of book before making a purchase to make sure that the level is appropriate. Alternatively, a tuba instructor might suggest tuba books of this type that best fit one's level of skill.


Tuba books that primarily include sheet music also are valuable. In many cases, this type of book is sold with a compact disc (CD) of recorded music that includes all instruments except the tuba so that the musician can play along. If a CD is desired, it is important to make sure that this music is not sold separately, because that can add greatly to the cost. Some books include only sheet music without a sound component, which can be appropriate for individuals who do not enjoy playing along with a recording.

The history of the tuba also is a fascinating subject, and books that teach about famous tuba players and the role of the tuba in orchestras can provide enrichment when learning this instrument. Some books of this type teach about the unique styles of playing used in different eras and might even include some music theory. Generally, this type of book will not help a tuba player improve his or her musical skills, but it can often provide inspiration.

In general, when looking for tuba books that teach how to play the tuba, it is a good idea to get recommendations from a school or from a teacher. Teachers generally have books that they prefer based on years of experience teaching, and they are often able to suggest texts that will enrich lessons. In some cases, specific tuba books might be required for a course, and in these cases, a person might not have any choice in terms of which books are used.


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