How do I Choose the Best Trigger Finger Remedies?

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The human hand is made up of a network of bones, ligaments and tendons. Tendons hold muscle to bone and are responsible for the movement of the wrist and fingers. When the bones around the tendons in the fingers and thumb become narrowed, or the tendon itself becomes thickened or inflamed, a condition called stenosing tenosynovitis, or trigger finger, results. The goal of a successful trigger finger treatment is to eliminate the pressure on the tendons, allowing them to move freely and unobstructed. The best trigger finger remedy is one that accomplishes this goal with minimal pain and discomfort.

People suffering from trigger finger experience one of their fingers and their thumb locked in a bent position. The finger and thumb may snap to an extended position and lock in place. Trigger finger remedies for mild cases include finger exercises, soaking the affected hand in warm water and rest. Finger exercises increase the mobility of the fingers and help maintain mobility. Resting the hand for four to six weeks can reduce inflammation caused by chronic or repetitive activities, and soaking the hand can provide intermittent relief for those suffering from trigger finger.


Serious, excruciating or chronic episodes of trigger finger necessitate more serious treatment options. Trigger finger remedies for severe stenosing tenosynovitis include medication, surgery or a finger release. Over-the-counter or prescription non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as aspirin or ibuprofen, can lessen inflammation of the tendons and reduce the likelihood of the tendon catching on the bone. A doctor may perform a cortisone injection on patients suffering from trigger finger. Steroid injections are administered locally and work to reduce inflammation of the tissue surrounding the finger tendons.

A finger release operation is performed when the finger is locked in place. A doctor injects anesthesia directly into the finger, then uses a needle to release the finger from the stuck position. Trigger finger remedies involving finger release operations are normally outpatient procedures and a patient can leave once the procedure is completed. A more serious trigger finger operation involves widening the area around the tendon. This form of surgery is a last resort for cases of trigger finger that don't respond to other treatments.


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