How do I Choose the Best Tribulus Complex?

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Tribulus is the common name of a dietary supplement derived from the Tribulus Terrestris plant, commonly known as puncture vine. This sprawling ground cover vine is native to many parts of the world including Africa and Asia, and is known for its vicious thorns. Tribulus extract is used for many purposes, including treatment for sexual dysfunction, and in many traditional holistic applications. Choosing the right tribulus complex depends on the condition.

Choosing the right tribulus complex begins with a clear knowledge of what you hope to accomplish by taking the supplement. Tribulus has many reported uses and beneficial effects; the most important is increased testosterone levels due to its effect on increasing lutenizing hormones, which stimulate increased secretion of natural sex steroids by both male and female gonads. Tribulus extracts are also used for a variety of folk remedies in many parts of the world, including cardiovascular maintenance, cholesterol management, liver, kidney and urinary ailments, headaches and other uses.


Many manufacturers of tribulus supplements partner tribulus with other herbs and supplements reported or believed to have benefits relating to improved libido and sexual function. Another major group of tribulus complex supplements is aimed at athletes and body builders. These products often contain ingredients aimed at improving athletic performance or increased rates of muscle growth. Tribulus may also be found in several delivery forms, including pills, tablets and capsules as a stand-alone supplement. Decide whether a combination formula or pure tribulus extract addresses your particular needs.

The next step in choosing the right tribulus complex is determining what the correct dosage. Advocates of tribulus for its various applications all agree that a tribulus regimen should start with a small dose to gauge tolerance and possible side effects, which have been reported as a flush warmth, slightly increased heart rate, restlessness and slightly increased energy levels. Tribulus supplements come in many different dosages, from 200 milligrams up to 1,500 milligrams. Tribulus may be found in several delivery forms, including pills, tablets and capsules as a stand-alone supplement. Most conditions may be treated with a dosage of approximately 300 milligrams per day.

Consult a pharmacist before making a choice as he can assist in choosing a reputable brand. Also be sure to consult a doctor or other health care professional before starting a tribulus complex or any other dietary or herbal supplement. Only your doctor can properly gauge the safety of tribulus or other herbal remedies or supplements in regards to your health.


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Post 3

Tribulus extract products are very expensive for the most part. I found one online store the other day that had a very affordable price for its tribulus complex. I checked the ingredients and it does list tribulus in there.

I want to try it but at the same time, I can't help but wonder why it's cheaper than the other brands I've come across. I'm guessing cheaper means lower quality?

Post 2

@simrin-- Yea, that's fine. The tribulus complex I'm taking has that herb too. It's another ingredient that supports sexual function and they add it to many tribulus products for more effectiveness.

I think the most important thing to watch out for with tribulus supplements is that they actually contain tribulus and not a similar herb. The first supplement I bought had "tribulus equivalent" instead of tribulus. I only noticed that a week after I bought it.

Don't make the same mistake, make sure that there is tribulus terrestris extract in it! I always read the ingredients very carefully now.

Post 1

I'm considering purchasing a tribulus extract complex. I've noticed that aside from tribulus, the ingredient's list on the product also mentions something called goat's weed. What is that? Is it safe for it to be combined with tribulus?

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