How Do I Choose the Best Travel Dresses?

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When choosing the best travel dresses, the climate and type of trip should be carefully considered. A dress that is appropriate for a vacation to a tropical climate is not going to be the same as one needed for a business trip in a snowy city. Wrinkle-free, versatile travel dresses that can be transformed with different accessories are typically the best choice.

For instance, in a cold climate, a wool jumper type of travel dress can be a great option. Different blouses or long-sleeved tops could be worn under it as well as a cardigan or suit jacket added over it. Tights can keep your legs warm, while different belts or necklaces can change the look of the dress. Accessories take up less room in a suitcase than clothes and can add a lot of style to basic travel dresses.

Summer dresses can also be worn differently with a selection of accessories. For example, a sleeveless, lightweight dress in wrinkle-free fabric could be worn as is over a swimsuit as a cover-up with flip flops to the beach or pool. On another vacation day, the same dress worn with stylish heeled sandals, an elegant belt or necklace and perhaps a summer shawl could become fancy enough for dinner at a fine restaurant. Print rather than solid travel dresses are more memorable as having been worn before, yet the designs also often hide dirt or stains better.


Consider the laundering facilities in your vacation location and read the labels on dresses you're thinking of taking. Dry clean only fabrics may be fine for cruise ships, but if you'll be renting an apartment with a washer and dryer, choosing machine washable travel dresses would be best. When packing a selection of dresses for a trip, make sure they can be worn with only a few different pairs of shoes to save excess bulk and weight in your luggage. Also, if you're able to wash the dresses at least once, taking half as many can be possible.

Even if most of your other travel clothes include pants or shorts, it's often still a good idea to pack at least one dress unless you really don't wear them at all. Some beach dresses can double as comfortable lounging outfits in your hotel room. Another consideration to make though when choosing travel dresses is the strap style, as you may need to buy and pack a different bra than your regular type.


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Post 2

@Denha- I agree, sweater dresses are great for traveling winter because they also don't need to be ironed.

When I travel I also like to take a lot of skirts, especially denim skirts, which don't crease, and wrap skirts, which might crease but aren't as obvious when they do.

Post 1

I think the best travel dresses are things that don't need to be ironed. I have a few that I got which are in an almost athletic lyra-like fabric; they have fitting details in the waist and neckline and so on, but are lightweight and don't need to be ironed, hung up, or otherwise protected like many tailored dresses do. I can just throw them in a bag and go.

Of course, these are best for warm weather- for winter weather I like things like sweater dresses.

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