How Do I Choose the Best Trade Show Booth Ideas?

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Choosing the best trade show booth ideas should be based on attracting your target audience. Since you likely won't be the main attraction at a trade show, but rather will share space in an area with competitors and others in your industry, standing out is essential. Portable pop-up exhibits can look professional and are available in many different types. Make your booth suit your brand images and allow customers to try your product, if at all possible. Have a compelling booth with trained sales staff and hopefully also a good location.

Registering early to get a good location in the trade show venue can be a great strategy for helping your company stand out. Early registration can help you avoid getting stuck in a far off corner booth or a lesser traveled area of the trade show. One of the best trade show booth ideas is placing portable pop-up signage on a kiosk need its entrance. Have something to get people into your booth, such as a contest entry area with a sign announcing a sought-after prize.

If the law permits, you'll also be able to use your non-winning entries later as data for sales lead generation. Plus, announcing the winner or winners can give your company and trade show booth ideas further attention. If your company will have new products to show that are newsworthy in some way, getting the local media to do a story on your trade show offering can help you get noticed.


Make sure your eye-catching products can be noticed by passersby and that the signage and presentation is compelling enough to get them to enter your booth. Once interested trade show attendees are in your booth, make sure there is no shortage of intriguing things for them to see and do. That alone is not enough for trade show booth ideas to help get you new customers, though. Make sure to follow through by having knowledgeable, pleasant salespeople in the booth at all times to answer questions and hand out takeaway marketing materials.

Trade show handouts such as informational brochures and incentive coupon offers should be located in several places in your booth at all times. Make sure your company name and contact information is on everything. Another of the best trade show booth ideas to support the products and sales staff in your booth is to have tasteful, yet bold signs that serve as a call to action for visitors, such as text similar to "try these," "help yourself and "ask our salesperson."


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There are some excellent tried and tested tips for making your booth stand out. View these online.

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