How do I Choose the Best Toothbrush Cleaner?

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You can choose the best toothbrush cleaner by evaluating the available options to find a unit that accommodates your toothbrush and fits in with your bathroom decor. A toothbrush cleaner, also called a toothbrush sanitizer, kills germs on a toothbrush using dry heat, heated steam, ultra-violet light, or a combination of these methods. Battery-operated travel models and plug-in stationary varieties of toothbrush sanitizers are available to clean and protect your toothbrush when you are at home or on the road. Consider the environment you most often use and store your toothbrush in to select the toothbrush cleaner that complements your lifestyle.

A toothbrush cleaner makes brushing your teeth more effective by keeping a toothbrush sanitary between each use. The bristles of a toothbrush dry out very slowly when they are left in the humid, enclosed environment of a bathroom to air dry. Bacteria introduced during the tooth cleaning process or while the brush is unprotected between cleanings is given plenty of time and the right conditions to grow and thrive on the damp bristles. Placing the entire toothbrush, or even just the head and bristles, into a toothbrush cleaner right after brushing reduces the likelihood of bacterial growth to almost nothing.


The openings of toothbrush cleaners come in a wide range of sizes and designs. Some toothbrush cleaners open completely to fit the entire toothbrush inside. Other toothbrush sanitizers hold only the head and bristles of the brush, leaving the handle exposed. Make sure the toothbrush cleaner you choose fits onto the toothbrush you are planning to clean. The electronics of most rechargeable and battery-operated toothbrushes will be damaged if the entire brush is inserted into a heated steam sanitizing system. Separate the detachable head on an electronic toothbrush and use it as a measuring tool to ensure the toothbrush sanitizing unit you are evaluating provides sufficient space.

Select a toothbrush cleaner that works with how and where you brush your teeth. Sleekly designed toothbrush cleaners bring a touch of artistic technology to the bathroom setting. Wall-mount sanitizing units often keep the brush up and out of the way to free up space. Smaller toothbrush cleaners easily fit into a purse or suitcase to clean and protect a toothbrush when you are on the go. Choose the easy-to-use toothbrush cleaner that is right for you so that sanitizing your toothbrush becomes part of your everyday routine.


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