How do I Choose the Best Tool Organizer?

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It seems a tool organizer exists for every type of tool, so it can be daunting choosing the best one. The best way to start choosing a good tool organizer is to determine how many tools you need to store, how large the tools are, and where you need to store them. Some tool organizer models, for example, mount on a wall or on pegboard, while others are designed to sit directly on the ground. Still others are fabrics that are designed to sit inside a large bucket. The best organizer will depend on your needs, so you will need to figure out what tools need to be stored and where.

For large garden tools such as rakes and shovels, choose a metal tool organizer that will sit directly on the ground and one that features several slots in which the handles of the tall tools can be slid easily. Some tool organizers hang from walls and hold the tools off the ground, which works well too, but a tool organizer that sits on the ground can be moved easily if necessary and will not require any mounting, drilling, or damage to walls. If damage to the walls is not important and you have a shed or garage with plenty of space, a wall-mounted tool organizer will work just fine.


Smaller tools that will be permanently stored in a garage or shed can be hung from pegboard. Pegboard comes in large sheets that are drilled with several holes in which pegs can be mounted. Tools can in turn be hung from the pegs, allowing for neat organization of the tools and easy access to them when needed. Many people mount pegboard over work benches or on walls that are tucked away to avoid knocking the tools off the wall unintentionally. If you will be using the tools regularly and do not want to store the tools in a tool box, this is a great choice.

Some durable fabrics can be inserted into a five-gallon bucket to store tools. The heavy-duty fabrics will resist damage from regular use, and when used in conjunction with the bucket, this tool organizer can be very compact and portable. The bucket itself can hold larger tools, while the sleeves sewn into the fabric can hold smaller or commonly used tools. If you need a tool organizer that will be compact and easily transported, this is a good choice. Many people use this type of organizer when transporting tools in the car or by hand to different jobs.


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