How Do I Choose the Best Toilet Sanitizer?

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There are different methods of sanitizing the toilet, some more convenient than others. A few options are an automatic toilet sanitizer that releases a cleanser and disinfectant with every flush, or a liquid sanitizer that is poured into the toilet for disinfection. If you are concerned about strong odors or fumes, consider a toilet sanitizer that is made with natural ingredients rather than strong chemicals. For busy restrooms, some prefer using a toilet sanitizer dispenser that is mounted on the wall above the toilet, and is meant to disinfect toilet seats. In addition, you might consider a toilet seat sanitizer spray.

A simple and convenient method of sanitizing your toilet is by using a drop-in style detergent. These types of sanitizers generally are available in a package that contains several drop-in tablets or blocks. They are typically dropped inside the toilet tank and continuously clean and disinfect. Many of these products contain bleach and are also made to remove stains from the toilet bowl, tank and under the rim. In addition, drop in sanitizer tablets may contain a fragrance that helps keep the bathroom smelling fresh.


You may use a liquid bactericide to disinfect your toilet, although it might be best to use a scrub brush with the solution to remove stains. When choosing a liquid toilet sanitizer, read the label to ensure it destroys various types of pathogenic bacteria, including those known to cause intestinal viruses. Some liquid bactericides come in bottles and may also be used to sanitize other household items. Read the directions to be sure it is safe for disinfecting children's toys or pet products.

When choosing a toilet sanitizer of any kind, be certain it does not contain toxic chemicals, especially if you have children and pets. If toxicity concerns you, or if anyone in your family is sensitive or allergic, consider using a toilet sanitizer that is made with natural ingredients. Look for commercial products in stores or online, or you may make your own homemade toilet sanitizer.

Lemon can be safely used to freshen your bathroom and naturally disinfect your toilet. Mixing fresh lemon juice with a small amount of water and pouring the solution in the toilet bowl may kill many strains of bacteria. If you prefer, use a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water to naturally disinfect your toilet. To remove stubborn stains from the toilet, cornstarch may work well.


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