How Do I Choose the Best Thriller Movies?

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Choosing the best thriller movies is a matter of personal preference. To find movies you will most likely enjoy, do an online search to learn which scary movies your favorite actors have made. Choose thriller movies that were created by well-known producers and directors. You can also choose a sub-category of interest, such as supernatural thrillers or vampire thrillers. If you're interested in purchasing or renting thriller movies, you should check ratings and reviews.

Word of mouth can help you decide which movies are good and which you should pass up. Ask your friends, family and co-workers for suggestions. If you know someone who is a horror film fan, he should be able to suggest a wide array of titles for you to choose from, and which thriller movies you should not waste your time with. Ask for specifics such as how long the film is, the rating of the movie, and other information.

Consider previous thriller movies you've enjoyed and which elements made them captivating for you. For instance, was it suspenseful or did it involve aliens? Did it take place in a specific location, or on a specific holiday? Write down the details of previous films you've enjoyed. By doing so, you'll have a list you can use as a guideline when you look for horror movies.


Another factor that might help you decide which thriller movies are best for you is the state of mind you're currently in. For instance, you might be in the mood for a horror flick that incorporates romance. Perhaps a comedy thriller would suit you best. Some thrillers are merely suspenseful and scary, while others have a large amount of blood and gore. Consider these factors when choosing your new thriller movies.

Other sub-topics to choose from include science fiction (sci-fi) and zombie movies. If you're a science fiction fan, you might like to watch a thriller that incorporates sci-fi as well as horror. If zombie movies with undead creatures interest you, this type of thriller might be best.

Movies with a ghost story theme might interest those who are intrigued by the paranormal. If hauntings or poltergeists seem captivating, you might want to consider a film that explores the supernatural. Many of these thriller movies are based on true stories. Consider whether you'd prefer watching a thriller that is totally fiction or one that is based on true accounts.


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Post 3

I've always been interested in the supernatural, with Paranormal Activity being one of my favorite. However, while it's relatively enjoyable, a major disappointment is that it's not scary enough. Maybe it was because I heard so much about it, that I set my expectations way too high.

Post 2

In my opinion, asking family and friends about movie recommendations is a much better option than looking toward online reviews. First of all, online reviews can sometimes be deceptive, and even if they're not, reviewers online are strangers, compared to your family (who you should be able to relate to a lot more).

Post 1

I like how the article makes the suggestion that the thriller movie(s) you want to watch depend of the mood you're in. In fact, I find that to be the case with a lot of movies. Have you ever noticed that if you're in a bad mood, and you watch one of your favorite movies, you tend to not have much of an opinion on it?

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