How Do I Choose the Best Thigh Toner?

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The two most common types of thigh toner include squeezable toners and stretchable bands. Both of these have their advantages and disadvantages, such as the squeezable toner targeting the often underused inner thigh muscles and the band offering more versatility and portability. Which one is best is largely a matter of personal preference and the areas you would specifically like to tone and strengthen, because either type will work well for this purpose. Other users find that the best thigh toner is not necessarily a device specifically targeted for the thighs, and sometimes not even a device at all.

One of the most common types of thigh toner is a device with two panels or bars set at an angle that are held between the inner thighs and squeezed. A spring that connects the two sides provides resistance and forces the muscles of the inner thigh to work hard to squeeze the device. While this type of thigh toner effectively strengthens and hardens the inner thigh muscles, making it popular among women who have troubling pockets of flab on their inner thighs, it does not address other areas of the thighs, nor does it usually burn enough calories to get rid of excess fat. If excess fat is present, no amount of toning the muscles beneath it will show through until the fat is burned off.


Another common type of thigh toner is a large, stretchy band. Unlike the squeezable thigh toner that only works the inner thighs, a band can be used to tone several different muscle groups, both in the thighs and the rest of the body. By looping the band around a chair or table and placing one foot through the loop, the leg can be pulled in any direction in order to work the inner and outer thighs as well as the quads and hamstrings on the front and back of the thigh. Band thigh toners are very simple and portable and available in a wide range of resistances, making them great for anyone from beginners to more experienced exercisers. They share the same drawback with the squeezable toner, however, in that they only tone the muscles below the fat, and usually do not burn enough calories to actually remove excess fat.

Users who wish to burn fat off of the thighs instead of simply strengthening and defining the muscles beneath the fat might be better off finding solutions that burn plenty of calories and strengthen the thighs at the same time. Activities that work the large muscle groups of the legs, such as stair climbing, performing squats and lunges quickly enough to bring the heart rate up significantly, and even performing low squat jumps can achieve these goals. While users cannot really target the thighs specifically for fat burning, performing calorie burning and leg-strengthening exercises such as these often has the benefit of not only defining the thighs but also improving the appearance of the whole body. Doing squats, lunges, and other exercises with added resistance from weights or a resistance band can go a long way toward increasing calorie burn and building muscle.


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