How Do I Choose the Best Team-Building Workshop?

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There are several factors to consider when choosing a team-building workshop. Some of the most important include the content of the course, the reputation of the vendor, and the reason the group will be attending the workshop. In general, a workshop with a positive, collaborative environment, rather than a competitive tone, will tend to be the most successful.

When choosing a team-building workshop, it can help to first understand the reasons the organization wants to have its workers attend the course. The goal is to determine how intense the program needs to be. If the workshop is meant to give a boost to a team that is already in good shape, then the program can be lighter. When there are deeper issues to address in the group, then it is wise to choose the program with the curriculum that best suits the core problems.

For a team-building workshop to reach every worker, it will typically need to acknowledge the importance of each role in the organization. The exercises will emphasize that everyone must bring their best effort to the task at hand in order for the group to be successful. After a successful workshop, participants will typically leave feeling an increased sense of importance about the role they play.


Another important factor of a team-building workshop is that it encourages employees to work together. This is why programs which have competitive elements tend to be less successful. While competition may raise spirits temporarily, they often leave the group with the feeling that some of its members are inferior. The result can be that the team leaves the workshop less unified than they were at the start.

When choosing a team-building workshop, it is also important to consider the comfort level of the participants. There are several types of programs, from events that take place in one room, to outdoor workshops that require a lot of physical activity. In order for the program to be a positive experience for each participant, it is wise to consider how physical ability, personality, and even factors such as religious beliefs could factor into an individual’s feelings about a program.

While there are many exciting options available for team-building workshops, it is wise to consider the content of the program first. The excitement of one of the more adventurous programs or the novelty of workshops that use an unusual setting or approach can obscure the real reasons for attending the workshop. Beyond practical considerations such as the physical needs of the participants, it is advisable to focus only on the curriculum when first researching workshops. Then the setting, appeal of the activities, and other less-essential factors can be considered when making a decision between multiple acceptable programs.


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