How do I Choose the Best Teak Tables?

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Teak tables can be a very smart buy if you look for quality products that suit your taste. Don't buy any teak label unless it comes with an information tag specifying its moisture content. Teak furniture is unique in that it's durable in even the harshest weather conditions, but if it has a moisture content of 7 or less or 13 percent or higher, these numbers indicate lower than maximum durability. Good teak tables with a moisture content between 8 and 12 percent should be able to stay outdoors for many decades and still be passed down through generations in a family.

Other than moisture content, check for solid teak construction when looking at the tables you're considering buying. You may think a lower price means you're getting a bargain on teak tables, when in actuality the pricing could reflect the fact that cheaper woods were used in their construction. You'll have to examine each table closely, as manufacturers who use low quality wood color it to blend in with the portions of genuine teak. Also, look for a low number of knots in teak wood to ensure good strength.


The color of a teak table is something you should always consider. After constant sun exposure, teak's top layer, or patina, will change to a silvery-gray tone. Some people find this color even more appealing than the warm brown of the original teak. If you don't, you may want to consider choosing sealed teak tables. Keep in mind that some teak sealers, when applied, result in a darker wood tone. You may have to purchase an unsealed teak table and apply the sealer yourself; it will likely have to be resealed on a regular basis.

As for the style of teak dining tables, the rectangular trestle and the round pedestal are popular types. Consider the space you have and which table shape would make more sense. Look for sturdiness no matter what style of table leg you choose. If you're deciding between trestle teak tables, which have an open leg frame on each side, choose one with a bracing slat that join the two trestle slats to add sturdiness.

Teak tables are ideal for pool, patios and gardens as the wood has natural oils that make it resistant to insects, scratches and all types of weather, including wind, rain and snow. In addition to an outdoor dining table, you may also want to select a coffee table to use in a seating group for your deck or yard. Picking similar styles of dining and coffee tables can make your outdoor space look stylish and coordinated.


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