How do I Choose the Best Teak Adirondack Chair?

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When choosing a teak Adirondack chair, it is important to keep in mind the proper structure of an Adirondack chair as well as the type of teak being used for the construction of the chair. Teak is generally broken into two categories: old growth teak and plantation teak. They are both high quality woods, though old growth teak is less susceptible to fading from UV damage. It is also less sustainable and therefore less environmentally-friendly than plantation teak. Your teak Adirondack chair should be built in such a way that the traditional Adirondack chair structure is present, and the beauty of the wood are appropriately showcased.

Some teak Adirondack chair models are built in the traditional manner, with broad armrests, a sloped seat, and a seat back that is tilted backward. Others feature added comfort in the form of foot rests or extended seats that support the lower legs. Be sure to sit in each style of teak Adirondack chair before purchasing to choose which one you find more comfortable. Keep in mind that an Adirondack chair with extra features such as foot rests will be more expensive, since more material will be necessary to construct the chair. Teak is a fairly expensive wood as it is, so using more of it can make the chair cost-prohibitive for some.


Be sure to inquire as to what kind of teak is being used to make a certain teak Adirondack chair. Teak is a quality material for such chairs because it is highly resistant to weather damage, so the chair can be left outside exposed to the elements. It can be an expensive material, however, and old growth teak is likely to be more expensive than plantation teak. For the eco-conscious consumer, plantation teak is the better choice, since this type of teak is grown in managed areas and replanted once the wood has been cleared. Old growth teak is a limited resource and cannot be renewed.

Be sure the teak Adirondack chair you choose is well constructed, stable, comfortable, and attractive. The grain of the teak wood should be shown off properly, as teak is a naturally beautiful wood worth showing off. It should not be painted to conceal the grain, if possible. Stains are not usually necessary either, though one can apply a coating of protective varnish or lacquer to further protect the wood from the elements and from regular wear and tear.


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