How Do I Choose the Best Tea Tree Oil?

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Choosing the best tea tree oil depends a lot on what you want to use it for and whether or not you have sensitive skin. Skin type is a factor because this oil is an antiseptic and can cause a reaction for those with sensitive or dry skin. Finding an oil that is made organically might also be something you want to consider.

Tea tree oil has been found to be a natural antiseptic, and many people use it for acne or oily skin, as well as bacterial and fungal infections. If you are going to use it for this purpose, you'll want to choose an oil that contains a high amount of terpinen-4-ol, which is the ingredient in tea tree oil that has antiseptic properties. Some manufacturers will list the percentage of terpinen-4-ol on the bottle, but others might not. If the latter is the case, you can try contacting the company directly.

If you have sensitive skin, a higher concentration of terpinen-4-ol can cause a reaction in some, so you should test the oil on a small patch of skin on your arm or leg first. Use oil with a lower percentage of terpinen-4-ol first, and then test one with a higher percentage if you don’t have a reaction. If you have a known severe skin sensitivity, consult a dermatologist before testing tea tree oil on your skin.


Some manufacturers of tea tree oil mix it with other ingredients, such as eucalyptus oil. Although this might smell pleasant, it may not be as effective at treating acne or other forms of infection. However, it can be one way to avoid the harsh properties of the oil. To ensure you are getting the amount of tea tree oil you desire, check the label for additional ingredients before you make your purchase.

Some brands of tea tree oil come in clear bottles, which is convenient because you can tell how much of the oil you have left. The disadvantage is that the exposure to light can break down the oil, making it less effective, and create a byproduct that may irritate the skin. Avoid this problem by purchasing oil that is stored in a darkly-colored bottle.

If purchasing organic products is important to you, check the label on the bottle to ensure it is certified organic. Most countries have a specific seal or marking that certifies it as organic to avoid manufacturers making false claims. Tea tree oil is usually readily available at health food stores, skin-care stores and online.


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Post 3

The best tea tree oil depends on what it's being used for. The percentage of terpinen-4-ol in tea tree oil usually ranges between 10% and 40%. This is the first thing I look at before I buy tea tree oil.

For sensitive people and for mild skin conditions like acne, 10-20% is usually enough. For more serious infections, up to 40% can be used. I think it's better to start out with a less potent tea tree oil. There is no need to use something very potent when the less potent product also works.

The other thing I pay attention to when I buy tea tree oil is the bottle. The bottle has to be dark because tea tree oil becomes ineffective when it's exposed to light. It has to be in a dark bottle and kept in a cool, dry place.

Post 2

@simrin-- Pure tea tree oil should never be applied on skin directly. It always has to be diluted first. I used organic tea tree oil diluted and it still gave me an allergic reaction.

Post 1

I like tea tree oil that comes diluted with other, more moisturizing oils. I tried pure tea tree oil once and it was too harsh on my skin. It made my skin very sensitive and dry.

Then I bought a different product that has tea tree oil with other oils like olive and coconut. The other oils are very moisturizing and gentle so, it prevents the tea tree oil from drying out and irritating skin. I still get the antibacterial benefits from it, so I'm happy.

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