How Do I Choose the Best Swivel Barrel Chair?

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A barrel chair is a round chair often compared to the shape of a barrel, hence the name. Choosing the best swivel barrel chair starts with determining your needs and aesthetic preferences, as well as your budget for purchasing the chair. The materials used to make the chair can have a significant impact on the quality and cost of the chair; some leather chairs, for example, are exceptionally durable but also quite expensive, while some synthetic materials are less expensive but not as attractive or durable. Narrow down your search for a swivel barrel chair by determining your budget and aesthetic desires.

If you are looking for a leather swivel barrel chair, keep in mind that leather comes in different grades. A low-grade leather will be less expensive, but it will also be less durable in some cases and less attractive. It is likely to have some blemishes or inconsistencies in its appearance. High-grade leather will have a more consistent appearance, and it will be more durable. Its beauty will be enhanced as it ages, and its durability usually will not suffer too much over time. Choose the leather that fits your price range as well as your aesthetic requirements.


The base and swivel of the swivel barrel chair will have a significant impact on the chair's stability and function. If possible, sit in the chair for several minutes, gauging the chair's comfort level as well as its functionality. Some swivel barrel chair models will swivel and rock, while others will just swivel. In either case, make sure the chair is stable and does not move too excessively. Excessive movement can lead to a loss of balance, which can tip the chair over or otherwise make it unstable. Many swivel barrel chair models feature a design that hides the swivel base; this is done to preserve the aesthetic of the chair, so be sure to consider such models if you want a cleaner look.

The color and design of the chair can change significantly, and the best choice is entirely a matter of preference. Be sure the materials are quality enough to last many years, and try to avoid patterns or colors that will clash too significantly with the overall aesthetic of the room in which the chair will be placed. The chair should match other furniture, and if it does not, it should at least be in keeping with the general tone and mood of the room.


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