How Do I Choose the Best Summer Pajamas?

Christina Edwards

Hot summer nights can make sleeping rather uncomfortable, and to prevent this you may want to invest in a pair of summer pajamas. When choosing the best summer pajamas, keep in mind that some fabrics are cooler than others. Pajamas that allow you to have bare arms and legs will also keep you cool. If possible, try on pajamas before purchasing them to ensure they fit, and choose a color or design that you like.

Silk pajamas are very soft and breathable.
Silk pajamas are very soft and breathable.

Choosing the right fabric for summer pajamas is very important. Generally, heavier fabrics, like wool or flannel, will keep you warm. More lightweight fabrics, on the other hand, will keep you cool.

Tank tops may be worn as summer pajamas.
Tank tops may be worn as summer pajamas.

Thin cotton or silk are good options for summer pajamas. In fact, silk is considered to be one of the best, most comfortable fabrics for pajamas. It is very soft and breathable, and it will help keep you cool in the summer.

You will also need to decide which style of summer pajamas you want. Besides a pair of bottoms and a top, women can also choose a nightgown. Long nightgowns may be a little warm, however, and it is generally best to opt for a short gown in the summer.

If a nightgown is not an option for you, you can chose a two-piece pajama set with a bottom and a top. Long pajama pants may be a little too warm for you during the summer. Instead, you may want to consider pajamas shorts. These allow you to bare your legs, and will typically keep you cool.

Pajama tops with long sleeves should also be avoided, if you want cool summer pajamas. A top with short sleeves is usually recommended. Tank tops and camisoles may be other good options.

Before purchasing a pair of summer pajamas, be sure to try them on first. Pay attention to how the fabric feels, as well as how well they fit. Choose pajamas that are not too snug around the waist, since these can be irritating on your skin. Loose, flowing pajamas may be a little more comfortable.

Choosing a color and design is one of the easiest part of choosing the best summer pajamas for you. Pajamas can be purchased in just about any color. Many of them also have fun and attractive designs on them as well.

When shopping for summer pajamas, do not spend more than you can afford. Some pajamas can cost a pretty penny. Many large department stores, however, usually have a large selection of relatively inexpensive pajamas.

Summer pajamas should be light so the wearer doesn't become too hot at night.
Summer pajamas should be light so the wearer doesn't become too hot at night.

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No question: Comfort, comfort, comfort. Pajamas should be loose and non-binding anyway, and cotton is usually the coolest material. I like pajama shorts and T-shirts for summer. Nothing else will allow me to sleep as comfortably, and in fact, I tend to wear that all year, perhaps changing to capri length bottoms in really cold weather.

Summer pajamas are usually available in every size and in a variety of designs, including a tank for a top instead of a T-shirt, along with every fabric print under the sun. They can be found nearly anywhere and are usually not very expensive.

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