How Do I Choose the Best Straight Remy Hair?

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Remy hair, also sometimes called remi hair, is hair collected from one donor and organized with its cuticles facing in the same direction. Of the synthetic and human hair available to consumers, remy hair is commonly regarded as the highest quality. To choose the best straight remy hair, choose hair according to its length, color, quality and price. Since very high quality remy hair also comes with a high price tag, you will want to consider each of these factors and select straight hair that meets both your budget and quality requirements.

While shopping for straight remy hair, you should first consider the length of the hair. Straight remy hair is usually available in lengths from 8 inches (20.32 cm) to 28 inches (66.04 cm). It is also possible to purchase clip-on bangs and ultra-long remy hair extensions. To choose the best hair, select the length that will allow you to create the style you want.

This hair is also available in a wide range of colors. For very natural-looking hair extensions, you need to select hair that is as close to your current hair color as possible. Highlights, lowlights and other styles can also be created with remy hair. While choosing straight remy hair, select a color according to the look you will be creating.


Quality is also important to consider when purchasing straight remy hair. One factor that determines quality is whether the hair is virgin or non-virgin. Virgin hair extensions are those that have not been chemically altered. Non-virgin hair extensions have undergone a chemical process to alter the color or texture of the hair. Since virgin remy hair has not been exposed to damaging chemicals, it is said to be of higher quality.

How carefully the hair was collected and organized will also affect the quality of the hair. Remy hair is put into two different categories: single drawn and double drawn. Single-drawn hair was collected directly from the donor. While the cuticles should be facing the same direction, they are not sorted or arranged according to length. Double-drawn hair has been carefully sorted to ensure each hair is facing the same direction.

As you are shopping for straight remy hair, you will notice that the quality of remy hair is often associated with its origin. Remy hair commonly comes from Indian donors, but also comes from other regions like Europe, South American and East Asia. Indian remy hair is both thin and strong, which makes it a popular choice for hair extensions. Due to its naturally soft, straight texture, European remy hair is frequently advertised as being the highest in quality. While many companies advertise the origin of their hair, overall quality is much more important that the region from which it was collected.

The last factor to consider when purchasing straight remy hair is price. Due to the superior quality, remy hair is significantly more expensive than non-remy hair. To choose the best hair, look for high quality hair in your price range. It is not always necessary to purchase the highest quality hair possible. Instead, look for quality hair in your preferred color and length that will not overextend your budget.


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