How Do I Choose the Best Stove Top Coffee Maker?

Solomon Branch

Stove top coffee makers, also referred to as campfire pots, macchinettas or moka pots, are often used on camping trips or by those who enjoy making cups of coffee from scratch. A stove top coffee maker is also a good choice for someone on a budget. Some people prefer stove top coffee pots over automatic coffee makers because they say that the coffee tastes better. Finding the best stove top coffee maker is primarily a matter of choosing one that is durable, will last and suits your specific needs.

A cup of coffee.
A cup of coffee.

Most stove top coffee makers are designed fairly simply. They have a two chambers, one on top of the other. The chambers are separated by a rubber seal or gasket. The bottom chamber is used to heat water, and there is a filter between the top and bottom portions. Ground coffee is placed on top of the filter, and the hot water rises into the ground coffee, getting it hot enough to brew. A valve is usually placed on the bottom portion of the stove top coffee maker to release any excess buildup of pressure.

A stove-top coffee maker.
A stove-top coffee maker.

A stove top coffee maker is usually made of aluminum and can only be used on a surface with direct heat, such as a gas stove or campfire. There are stove top coffee makers that are made of other material, such as stainless-steel; they offer more pressure, which can be helpful if making something that requires it, such as espresso. They come in many different sizes, from single-cup makers to models that can brew several cups, so choose one that best fits your needs.

You can purchase a modified stove top coffee maker that can offer additional amenities. Some have pressure regulators to increase pressure, and some have the ability to add steamed milk while brewing the coffee. Stove top coffee makers can also come with additional equipment, such as a wand to steam milk.

After you find what you want in a stove top coffee maker, checking online reviews or reviews in coffee-centric magazines is a relatively reliable way to choose a quality model. There are many companies that have been making stove top coffee makers for years, and finding one that suits your needs and is of good quality should not be difficult. If properly cared for, a stove top coffee make can give you many years of quality coffee either at home or around the campfire.

Ground coffee.
Ground coffee.

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