How do I Choose the Best Step Aerobics Routines?

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Choosing the best step aerobics routines on the level of individual steps is rarely a problem for individuals, but it can be a challenge for aerobics instructors. Individuals, however, often need to choose the best step aerobics routines for their workouts by selecting from classes, videos, and other complete routines. When designing a routine, it is important to choose steps that go well together and flow seamlessly in a workout. Often, choosing a routine from a number of preset options is more about the music, the intensity, and the general focus of the options presented, as individual moves are not open to variation.

Individuals who are looking at numerous different preset step aerobics routines may be best served by thinking about the themes of the routines rather than the individual steps. Step aerobics routines often target specific body parts or may be aimed at certain fitness levels. There are also differences between routines relating to the types of music used, some of which may severely diminish participants' enjoyment, depending on personal tastes.


When choosing the best step aerobics routines for yourself to do at home or at the gym, looking at the description of the program can often be extremely informative. A program that is designed to target specific body parts, for example, can be inappropriate for someone at a very low fitness level. People at low fitness levels might do better with routines designed for beginners. Talking to the instructor of a class or reading reviews of a specific step aerobics tape can often yield more detailed information than is offered in the descriptions of the routines.

Designing step aerobics routines and choosing individual steps is more complex, and it is important for instructors and individuals to understand the focus of each individual move. While it is important to keep the body moving, it is also important to use your muscles in different ways. Changing between steps is also sometimes complicated. There are many books and guides available to help plan an ideal routine for your body that includes a warm up, cool down, and strong cardio middle section.

Certainly, the best way to get a perfectly tailored step aerobics routine is to design it yourself or consult with a fitness expert. That said, part of the draw of step aerobics is often doing the routines with a group, either in reality or on a tape. This is because group exercise and activities that are not self-guided often allow individuals to push past personal limitations. It may be more effective to follow step aerobics routines at a gym or in a video, even if they are not perfect for your body, simply because of the ways in which they are presented.


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