How do I Choose the Best Step Aerobics Choreography?

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The best way to choose step aerobics choreography is to choose options that are both fun and challenging. One of the best ways to stay fit and stay motivated to work out is to find a way to work out that is fun. There are a number of kinds of step aerobics choreography that are based on dance such as jazz and forms of latin dance. For example, someone who loves salsa dance and salsa music should incorporate movements from this kind of dance into her step aerobics choreography. Also, developing a few different workout routines using different steps from one's favorite kind of dance is a great way to keep workouts from becoming boring.

Some people simply develop step aerobics choreography to go well with some of their favorite upbeat songs. By working out to favorite songs, it keeps working out fun and keeps one motivated to continue with exercise regimens. It is a good idea to put together a few different routines of step aerobics choreography. This way different sets of step aerobics choreography can be followed to different songs. Also, a variety of routine lengths can be developed so that, even when there is only a little time to work out, there is a routine that will be able to offer a nice burst of exercise.


When developing step aerobics choreography, it is important to vary the movements so that different muscle groups are worked. Not only is it good to work as many muscles in the body as possible, but it is important to be sure one doesn't overwork any particular muscle or muscle group. Doing so can result in injury from over use. It is a good idea, however, to occasionally use step aerobics choreography to target muscle groups in areas that one wants to strengthen. For example, one can develop a routine that includes lots of choreography that targets the glutes.

In order to get inspiration for step aerobics choreography, take a few step aerobics classes that use lots of dance moves in the routines. Also, watch aerobics videos. These sources will teach lots of different kinds of movements and will also show how step aerobics choreography can be used to follow the beats of favorite upbeat songs. After a few classes or videos, creating choreography for step aerobics routines will be a snap and will probably also be a little bit of fun.


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Post 2

@talentryto- I think that is a great idea! Not only will you get to learn new dance moves, but you can take the ones that work and use them to choreograph your aerobic workout. The moves that you will learn in a dance class are very similar to moves taught by an aerobics instructor, so I think you will be able to use what you learn to put together a unique and fun aerobic workout.

Post 1

I was wondering if taking a basic dance class can give you some good ideas for developing step aerobic choreography. I can't find an aerobics class in my area that I'm interested in taking, but there are a lot of dance classes available that teach many different interesting types of dance. Would I be able to use moves I learn in a dance class to create my own aerobic routine?

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