How do I Choose the Best Stamina Exercises?

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Choose the best stamina-increasing exercises by finding ones that fit your goals and align with your current fitness level. Stamina exercises are used by a range of people who work out, from professional athletes to those who simply enjoy the health benefits. When done correctly and consistently, stamina exercises can provide health benefits as well as increased fitness levels.

A key benefit of stamina exercises is that they provide the conditioning you need to be able to work out longer and recover faster after exercising. This can lead to increased energy and a general sense of health and well-being. Generally, building your stamina will require a balance of strength training and endurance training.

Some aerobic exercise is needed to help make your heart and lungs stronger. These exercises include running, jumping rope, swimming, cycling and hiking. Strength training exercises to build muscle strength also are needed. You can strengthen your muscles by using weight machines, fitness bands or free weights, for example.

When you combine aerobics and strength training, you are training your body to perform more efficiently. Using a variety of aerobic and muscle-building exercises in your workouts also can help you avoid boredom and stay motivated. Whenever you are building stamina, remember to go gradually. You want to challenge yourself and yet avoid injuries that can happen if you push yourself too far too soon.


Before beginning, assess your current fitness level and what exercises you are currently doing. For example, if you have been running for a while, try to increase the length of your average run by up to one mile (1.6 km) per week. If you are new to working out or have not worked out in a while, get a physical exam to make sure you are up to it. Depending on the exercise, most beginners usually can start working out for 15 to 30 minutes a day and increase from there.

If you have any physical ailments or conditions, be sure to choose stamina exercises that are safe for you. Be sure to ask your physician whether you have any existing physical conditions. Some conditions can interfere with your ability to do weightlifting or aerobic activities. If you have bad knees, for example, swimming will be a better choice than distance running.

Be sure to follow a proper diet when doing stamina exercises. The proper diet can provide the nutrients you need in order to exercise more vigorously and longer. Other lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking if you smoke, also can help increase endurance. If you start to feel exhausted, you might be pushing yourself too much, or your body might be lacking the nutrients it needs for building stamina.


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Post 2

When I was in my twenties and out of college I was always looking for ways to get into better shape. During college I had stayed in good condition and I didn't want to get out of the habit. So I found this long hill close to my apartment, and devised a workout plan.

The part of the hill where I ran was between a hundred and 200 yards. I don't recall measuring it. I would run up the hill as hard as I could and then jog back down without stopping, and then back up and so on until my body told me it was time to stop. I would do this each day with the intent of

increasing the number of times I could go up and down.

After I had done this exercise for about two months, I was in the best shape of my life. This is by far, the best of all the exercises for stamina that I have tried.

Post 1

Does anyone else out there use the treadmill to build stamina? This machine is one of the best stamina exercise products ever designed. Well, there are a lot of new machines on the market that I haven't tried, so I can't say how the treadmill compares to them.

Anyway, I like the treadmill because it doesn't hurt my knees or ankles when I run on it, and I can adjust the speed, which motivates me to work harder. Running was never something I enjoyed. As much as I tried, I couldn't stick with running until I got a treadmill.

Since I began using the treadmill I have increased my stamina; I can now run five miles without a break and I am now running at a respectable pace.

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