How do I Choose the Best Stainless Steel Mandoline?

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You can choose the best stainless steel mandoline by evaluating the function and features of the available models. Mandolines are rigid countertop cutting apparatuses with fixed blades. A stainless steel mandoline is often capable of doing much more than just slicing fruits and vegetables wafer thin. The higher quality stainless steel mandolines have stable legs and rubber foot pads that keep them from wobbling while they are being used. Select a mandoline that will function safely and give you the slices you need.

The blades are the most important feature on a stainless steel mandoline. Slicing blades do all the work and can wear down or warp if they are made of thin, low-quality steel. Many mandolines have angled or V-shaped cutting blades that are designed to reduce wear and stay sharp. Some kitchen supply shops have raw fruits and vegetables on hand for customers to test knives and other cutting equipment. Speak with an employee about your desire to choose the best stainless steel mandoline, and the employee will often be willing to allow you to use the floor models for the brands the store offers.


Research the available options on all the stainless steel mandolines you inspect. Most have a complete function or accessory listing right on the box. A produce holder can be an important tool if you intend to use the mandoline with no other hand protection. Look for other built-in safety features that may help you save some skin. Pass over any stainless steel mandoline models that look difficult to assemble, as this will generally make it less likely to get utilized.

Select the mandoline that will have a long life of usefulness in your kitchen. Chefs often prefer the stainless steel mandoline varieties because they are rust resistant and easily cleaned. Most stainless steel mandolines are dishwasher safe, although many manufacturers suggest removing the slicing blades before loading them into the rack. The resilient stainless steel surface can be used to slice hot and moist food items without damaging or warping the board. Avoid stainless steel mandolines that incorporate other less durable materials like plastics.

Ask any home cooks or professional kitchen workers if they have any preference. This kind of first-hand customer input can give you insight into how some mandoline features can be more important than others. Borrow a stainless steel mandoline from a friend to give it a home test and find out if it is right for you.


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