How do I Choose the Best Spy Walkie Talkies?

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As you look for the best spy walkie talkies for your purposes, you should consider different aspects of such walkie talkies and various features you may want. Depending on the uses you are considering, you should consider the types of batteries required and whether the walkie talkies can be easily recharged. You may also want to consider the range at which your walkie talkies can easily communicate with each other, to ensure proper usage for your purposes. The best spy walkie talkies for your needs may also be easily concealed, such as a walkie talkie hidden as part of a wrist watch or one that uses an invisible earpiece to remain hidden.

Spy walkie talkies are communication devices that work like two-way radios and allow communication over fairly long distances. These types of walkie talkies are often designed for use in secret or for children to use while pretending to be spies. Their actual usage in spying may be somewhat questionable, especially as communication technology has advanced to more sophisticated levels. As you look for the best spy walkie talkies for your needs, you should think about what you want from your walkie talkies.


Two of the most important aspects of spy walkie talkies are their power source and range. You should look for walkie talkies that have at least four hours of battery life, though some have more than a day of use. Rechargeable walkie talkies are an excellent investment, since you will spend less money on batteries and can simply recharge them while not in use. You should be sure that any spy walkie talkies you choose will have a reasonably long range for your purposes. This can be anywhere from about half a mile (about 800 meters) to 20 miles (over 32 km) or more in distance.

You should also look for spy walkie talkies that can be used during some form of clandestine operation for purposes of secrecy while spying. This means you may want to find walkie talkies that work with a remote hearing device and microphone. You can find walkie talkies with earpieces, such as invisible earpieces or earbuds, as well as microphones that connect through a wire to the base device and can be hidden in clothing. There are also spy walkie talkies that are even more ingeniously concealed, such as eye glasses with microphones and ear pieces built into them as well as digital wrist watches that also function like walkie talkies.


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Post 4

I have always associated walkie talkies with secrecy and thought that that was their particular niche in the business world.

As a kid it was always fun to act like a spy and use walkie talkies to communicate with other people because they were easy to use and you could hold secret conversations with people. However, this can be something that makes it a necessity in an area, such as security, where there is a lot of ground to cover on foot and there is the constant need for communication to coordinate plans of attack.

I think that there are companies that specifically market certain walkie talkies for practical uses to employees of companies that require them and there are

also other companies, mostly toy companies, that market walkie talkies to be used for kids to play with.

I will say though most cell phone companies have some form of walkie talkies that they market so they can capitalize on people who want to communicate with one another but do not feel the need or cannot communicate on their cell phones.

Post 3

@kentuckycat - I think that may be a bit overstated saying that the only practical purposes for a walkie talkie would be for people engaging in illegal activities. I would think that someone like a body guard for a famous person would use walkie talkies in order to coordinate with security in the area.

Also, think about at a rock n roll concert and all the security they have there. They would definitely use walkie talkies to talk to one another because they are on secure lines. Same thing goes for people working at a sports stadium.

There are so many different occupations where someone would use a walkie talkie where they would not use a cell phone and feel like if anything walkie talkies are a more profitable enterprise than ever.

Post 2

I find that any type of walkie talkies are becoming obsolete anymore with the exception of uses in which there needs to be secrecy involved.

For people trying to simply contact and stay in touch with one another over short distances, anymore people simply use their cell phones. Almost everyone, even little kids, nowadays have cell phones and it becomes much more convenient to simply call someone on something that is just as effective if not more and also have already paid for it.

The only things I can see walkie talkies being used for in a practical manner would be for military or police purposes. Otherwise there is almost little use for them, unless there is a ban on cell phone sin a certain area. Otherwise I guess people who are engaging in illegal activities, who do not want their cell phones traced would be the only other people that would have a use for them.

Post 1

Whenever we would get lost in a mall or in stores it would become quite an ordeal trying to find everyone so we could get back in the car and drive home. That is why we invested in walkie talkies in order to make the trips much more convenient.

We found that the best deal on Walkie Talkies was to get some that covered a small distance. The ones we bought had a range of half a mile and only cost twenty dollars a piece. This allowed us to be able to find each other in the store as well as be able to save a lot of money.

Even though half a mile is not really considered a long

distance for Walkie Talkies it got the job done when we were simply looking for each other like in a pumpkin patch and we could easily find each other as long as we were in a decent enough sized area.

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