How Do I Choose the Best Sprouts Seeds?

Helena Reimer

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best sprouts seeds. For food safety reasons, always make sure to use organic sprouts seeds that have not been treated with any type of chemical and are not contaminated. If you are new to sprouting, you should start off with seeds that are fairly easy to sprout, such as radish and sunflower seeds. Another thing to consider is the flavor of the different types of sprouts seeds as different types provide slightly different flavors, such as mildly sweet, bitter, and hot.

Mung beans in the process of sprouting.
Mung beans in the process of sprouting.

Organic sprouts seeds are grown in controlled areas wherein no harmful chemicals are used in order to obtain the seeds. After harvesting, the seeds are also stored in controlled areas where nothing is able to contaminate them. The reasons for these precautions is that any kind of chemical can remain in the seeds after they are sprouted, and any kind of contamination can result in mold or another disease that can make the sprouts unsafe. Therefore, it is best to avoid all seeds that are not certified organic.

Alfafa seeds are a good starting place for sprouts.
Alfafa seeds are a good starting place for sprouts.

Some easy types of sprouts to start off with include alfalfa, broccoli, and clover, but you can sprout just about any type of seed, including vegetables, nuts, and grains. You can purchase a beginner's sprouting kit that provides you with easy sprouting seeds, basic sprouting supplies, as well as complete instructions. Sprouts seeds also come in blends that contain a variety of seeds suitable for growing in one sprout container. These are handy if you are looking to make a sprout salad but do not have the room to grow a variety of sprouts in separate containers.

In the same way that a mature crop tastes differently, so does each type of sprout. Therefore, it is important to consider the recipe in which you will be using the sprouts. Some sprouts seeds, such as mustard, tend to be hot, and others lean toward the bitter side. Red clover and radish sprouts are great for adding extra zing to any salad or sandwich, while sunflower sprouts can offer up a nutty flavor. If you do not have recipes that you can follow, then you will have to experiment to find out which sprouts you like in which recipes.

Although there are many types of sprouters to help you sprout a variety of sprouts seeds, you really do not need any special equipment to start growing sprouts at home. All you really need to get started is a large-mouthed jar as well as mesh and a rubber band to contain the sprouts seeds during draining. In order to ensure a healthy crop, the sprouts should be kept moist and in a ventilated area away from sunlight.

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