How Do I Choose the Best Spring Water?

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There are many factors to consider when you want to choose the best spring water, including the source and the purity of the water. You might also consider the pH of a particular brand of water when making a decision, since some theorize that water with a high pH is healthier than water with a lower pH. Additionally, taste is likely to be a deciding factor.

When trying to choose the best spring water, it is important to make sure the source of the water you are considering is actually a spring. This means the water collects underground naturally and either flows to the surface on its own or is collected through holes a company drills into the ground to collect it. Many people mistakenly grab a bottle of water, thinking it's from a spring, and only later discover that it is purified water instead. As such, you may benefit from carefully reading the labels on bottled water before you buy. Organizations involved in the certification of spring water can also provide information to aid your comparison.


The location of the spring may play a role in your choice as well. Springs are found all around the world, and some are located closer to cities than others. Some health experts assert that springs that are further away from cities, towns, and industry are likely to deliver spring water with the fewest contaminants. You can typically learn where water is sourced by reading its label or by checking the website of the water company. If the company does not have a website, you can call it to request this information.

Water’s natural mineral content, which depends on the particular spring from which it was collected, can influence its taste. Likewise, some companies add flavoring to their water as well as vitamins to enhance its health value. Even the packaging used for spring water has the potential to affect its taste. For example, some people assert that the flavor of spring water from a clear bottle is different from the flavor of water packaged in a glass or colored plastic bottle. You may decide to taste several as you work to choose the one you like the best.

Often, bottled water experts also recommend considering the pH of spring water before choosing one. Some assert that water that is more basic rather than acidic is healthier for the body. As such, water that has a pH over six may prove a better choice than options with lower pH levels.


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Post 2

I usede a spring water home delivery service for a while, and they advertised their product as "natural mountain spring water". It was definitely a good, clean drinking water, but the price per bottle got to be too much. I found I could get a pure spring water that was equally as good at a local health food store.

I don't like most of the bottled spring waters sold in regular grocery stores, mostly because I don't like drinking from plastic bottles. The private label spring water I get at the health food store is sold in green glass bottles.

Post 1

Of all the bottled water varieties, I definitely prefer spring water. Purified water is almost always less expensive, but I think it has more of a chemical taste than pure spring water. I try to avoid anything labeled "drinking water", and I made the mistake of drinking distilled water one time. When I shop for bottled water at the store, I look for descriptions like "natural spring water" or "mountain spring water".

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