How Do I Choose the Best Spring Flower Bouquet?

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The best way to choose a spring flower bouquet is to consider everything about it from how it's going to be used to if it's going to make the recipient sneeze. Pick flowers that are in season, as they'll look best and capture the feel of the outdoors during that time. Think about why the bouquet is being purchased and the meaning behind the particular flowers. Consider the recipient's allergies before buying the bouquet. If they're being purchased for a particular event or purpose, buy them with enough time for them to bloom.

Buying an in-season spring flower bouquet helps bring in a bit of the outdoor beauty of the season. There are quite a few flower options for in-season spring flowers including tulips, orchids, and amaryllis. Some come in a variety of colors, so if faced with a choice, choose them in the recipient's favorite color.

The reason behind getting the spring flower bouquet is going to play a big part in which one to choose. For a wedding bouquet, consider the colors and feel of the event. When the bouquet is being given as a gesture, opt for the recipient's favorite flowers and the meaning behind them. To get a bouquet for the home, choose flowers that will nicely accentuate the colors of the room in which they're going to be placed.


Take the purchase a step further and consider the meaning behind the flowers. For example, red tulips are a declaration of love while white means forgiveness. Carnations aren't season specific; however, shy away from giving striped carnations as they mean refusal. Zinnias, another spring flower, are ideal to give to friends. When giving a spring flower bouquet as an apology, consider hyacinths, as they mean sincerity.

There are those who get springtime allergies, so avoid giving any flowers that are going to make the sniffling and sneezing worse. If the recipient has allergies, opt for hypoallergenic spring flowers such as daffodils or tulips. If factoring in the meaning behind them, avoid single daffodils as that means misfortune; opt for several, which mean happiness. Most colors of tulips are a safe bet.

When purchasing a spring flower bouquet for an event or special occasion, purchase them at least two to three days in advance so they look their best. If giving the bouquet as a gesture, some prefer to purchase them with leeway so the recipient can enjoy watching them bloom while others want to give them fully bloomed. Depending on the preference, ask the florist when they'll bloom and choose accordingly.


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