How do I Choose the Best Sports Prescription Glasses?

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The best sports prescription glasses will vary according to what type of activities in which you will participate. Most sports prescription glasses today mirror the look and feel of regular, non-prescription glasses, though since many sports glasses feature curved lenses, prescription lenses can be quite expensive. Using clip-on lenses that mount on non-prescription glasses is an option, though frequent cleaning of sweat and grime will probably be necessary. For some sports, the sports prescription glasses will need to be secured to the head with a band that wraps around the head; goggles commonly use this fastening method, and if you participate in any sport that requires sudden changes in direction or direct impacts, such glasses may be necessary.

The most important feature to look for in a pair of sports prescription glasses is the lens material. Polycarbonate lenses are the best choice, as they are shatterproof and resistant to scratching. Glass lenses should be avoided, as they can shatter and cause injury. The frames of the sports prescription glasses can be made from plastic, carbon, or other composite materials. Choose a pair that is lightweight, well-constructed, and if possible, shatter resistant. Be prepared to spend more on a good pair of glasses, especially if you are interested in name-brand products. Less expensive, non-brand name glasses may work just as well, but be sure to research the glasses you choose.


When participating in high impact sports such as soccer or hockey, be sure to choose a pair of sports prescription glasses that feature some sort of elastic securing band to wrap around the head. Earpieces are often not enough to hold the glasses in place, so an elastic securing system is necessary to keep the glasses securely fastened to the face. Since these types of glasses will fit fairly snugly to the face, you may want to choose a design that features vents at the sides of the lenses to prevent fogging from sweat.

Low impact sports — or sports that will not jostle the participant around too much — such as cycling or running will require eyewear that is lightweight and comfortable. The lenses can be expensive for these types of glasses, and if cost is an issue, you may want to consider wearing contact lenses and purchasing non-prescription glasses instead. This only makes sense, of course, if you already have contact lenses; otherwise, be prepared to invest in a good pair of lenses that will wrap around the eyes to prevent grit, dirt, and wind from hitting the eyes.


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Post 3

It is definitely worth it to invest in plastic sports glasses rather than trying to wear your normal glass lenses, even if you have a wrap around harness for them.

I saw a middle school basketball game once where a kid took a ball to the face and ended up shattering his glasses. It was a pretty scary moment and there was a little blood. I found out later that the kid was fine, but if he had would have been wearing prescription sports glasses he would have only had a sore forehead.

Post 2

Does anyone know where I can get some cheap prescription sports glasses? I need to get a pair for my indoor soccer league but I can't find anything in my budget. I went to one of the big chain eye wear places and they wanted a couple of hundred bucks. I can't shell out that kind of money just to play soccer once a week.

I have heard of people buying prescription glasses online. Is there a site that sells cheap sports glasses?

Post 1

Make sure you get a pair that is comfortable. I had to wear glasses when I played high school basketball and they were really uncomfortable. Over the course of a long game the sweat and the friction would build up and I would get irritated skin all around my eyes. I looked like a red raccoon.

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