How do I Choose the Best Spirulina Vitamins?

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When considering a nutritional supplement, such as spirulina vitamins, you must diligently research all available options and beware of the potential for misleading information some manufacturers will use to sell a product. In order to pick the best spirulina vitamins, it is helpful to first speak with your doctor if you are being treated for a specific illness or condition. Next, ask for referrals from others you know that may be taking blue green algae supplements. Thoroughly investigate the manufacturers of spirulina vitamins to be sure there are no claims of contamination against their product and verify the potency of each brand’s claims by considering user feedback when available from sources not related to the vendor. Select the supplement that offers the best nutritional value and that has the best reputation for quality.


If you are currently battling a specific condition or illness, speak with your doctor about your intent to take spirulina vitamins. This step is necessary to be sure that they will interact well with any other medications you are on or any other treatment advised by your doctor. This is also important so your doctor can monitor your use of spirulina vitamins and help you avoid toxic effects, such as mercury poisoning or iron toxicity, which may occur in some people who take a nutritional supplement such as spirulina. If your doctor is an advocate of using superfoods to enhance health, she or he may even be able to recommend a specific spirulina variety for you to take.

If you know other people who have experience with spirulina vitamins, ask which brands they recommend and why. Also, search for people online via blogs, news groups and alternative health forums who have experience taking blue green algae supplements. Specifically, you’ll want to know which ones are the most potent, if there are any side effects experienced with a specific nutritional supplement and which ones seem to have the best overall health benefit. Also, ask these individuals for input on what else each recommends that you look for in terms of quality when considering spirulina vitamins.

By now, you should have a few brand names in mind. Go to your local health food store or find a reputable online vendor and compare these brands. Read the labels to find out how many grams of spirulina are in each recommended dosage and note how many grams of vitamins A, B12, D, E and K, as well as copper, manganese, iron, zinc and selenium are in each. In just five grams of blue green algae, you should get well over 100 percent of the daily recommended allowance of each of the vitamins listed, as well as high amounts of the additional minerals contained. Choose the spirulina vitamins that have the best consumer feedback, as well as offer you all of the nutrients you desire from a blue green algae supplement.


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Post 3

I persinally cannot stress enough the part of this article which recommends checking online forums for other people's experiences, particularly dealing with side effects. A friend of mine had a terrible reaction to a vitamin supplement she was taking once- it always made her nauseous, whether or not she took it with food- and she gave them to me. When I had a similar, but less violent, reaction, I started to research these pills. Many people had reported sickness to some extent when taking them, as well as other problems. By the time I had used up the bottle, that formula had been discontinued; and no wonder, considering the reviews I had read.

Post 2

@widget2010, I agree with you; especially about patience and waiting for awhile before expecting results. When I was first diagnosed with IBS irritable bowel syndrome), for example, I was advised to take probiotic supplements, and was skeptical because I was told they would take time; however, I finally started, and while the effect was not immediate, it was significant. No health supplements are magic bullets, but they can be very effective if you are patient.

Post 1

When looking for any kind of supplement, also remember that even if a product has good reviews, purports to have all of the healthy vitamins and minerals you are looking for, and is even a good price, it will still not solve all of or maybe even any of the problems for which you are taking it. All nutritional supplements take time, and even then, people react differently to the same products and nutrients, so something which worked very well for your best friend might have zero effect on you.

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