How do I Choose the Best Spirulina Capsules?

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Choosing the correct spirulina capsules involves understanding the effects of the nutritional supplement on the body, discovering the source of the material used, and other details, such as the capsule dissolution rate. Spirulina is a blue green single celled algae, most commonly found in South America and parts of Africa. This substance contains many of the essential vitamins and minerals needed for good health, and is easily digested and used by the human body. In addition to capsules, spirulina is also available in tablets, flakes, and liquid extract forms. Many people choose to use the capsule version because it is convenient and easy to carry with them throughout the day.

Spirulina is considered one of the world's great superfoods for several important reasons, such as the huge assortment of vitamins, proteins, and minerals it contains. For example, the large amount of carotene naturally occurring in this substance contributes to its reputation as an antioxidant source. These capsules also offer an adequate source of vitamin B complexes needed for breaking down carbohydrates and fats as well as for overall cardiovascular health. It contains effective amounts of gamma-linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid. Many nutrition experts believe this supplement has the ability to reduce the risk of such diseases as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.


Like many other nutritional supplements, most experts advise choosing spirulina capsules that are produced from only natural algae. Most manufacturers cultivate spirulina in much the same way a scientist cultivates bacteria in the lab. It is then freeze dried to retain all of its vital nutrients and health benefits before being powdered. The powder can then be mixed with other ingredients and pressed into tablet form and sold as is, or combined with liquid to create the extract version. The spirulina powder is also placed in edible capsule forms for easy use as well.

Good quality spirulina capsules are usually made with high capsule dissolution rates to both promote quick absorption by the body and reduce the time the capsule substance spends in the stomach. This practice helps reduce the likelihood of stomach upset from the capsule shell to the stomach lining. Manufacturers use food grade capsules, usually made of gelatin. For vegans, there are other products available without this animal based ingredient. Consumers should be aware that choosing spirulina capsules over the other versions of the supplement may involve taking several, potentially up to 10, capsules each day to get the daily recommended amount.


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Post 7

I don't understand why everyone always says "get it from a trusted source". Why can't anyone actually just say what company makes a safe product, who makes products free of heavy metals and are tested? I have been researching Spirulina quite a bit, and it seems like no one will recommend a specific brand.

This site won't do it, anonymous posters won't do it, even Scott Jurek won't do it in his book.

It's a bit frustrating when I research something extensively to do my research. The only answer I find is that I need to do way more intensive research.

Moderator's reply: Thank you for visiting wiseGEEK and for participating in the discussion. In order to remain neutral and protect our readers, wiseGEEK articles do not endorse or promote particular brands. Thank you again for visiting wiseGEEK!

Post 5

How do you go about choosing a good source to buy organic spirulina from? Since this supplement is made from algae I think there would be many sources that might not be trustworthy.

Are there any benefits from taking the capsules instead of the powder? When I was looking at the different prices, the powder was cheaper than the capsules. I didn't know if this was because of the convenience, or if there was a bigger benefit from taking it in capsule form.

Post 4

I have taken both spirulina and chlorella for many years. This was before these superfoods were as well known as they are today.

I think when someone adds a supplement like spirulina, they will see just as many long term results as short term. Even though someone might not notice increased energy right away, it doesn't mean the supplement is not working and providing your body with many other benefits.

If you buy your spirulina from a trusted source, and are faithful about taking it, you should experience a general overall feeling of well being. Once I went for about 3 months without taking any at all, and I could tell a big difference once I started taking it again.

Post 3

@andee-- Are you taking the recommended amount of the spirulina capsules? I know that 10 capsules a day sounds like a lot, but that is about how many you should be taking to get the most spirulina benefits from it.

When I first started taking this I only took 4-5 a day and didn't notice much difference either. Once I increased to 8-10 a day, I do have more energy, and feel like it is worth spending the money on.

Post 2
I take spirulina capsules, which I prefer over the organic spirulina powder I was taking before. It is a lot more convenient and not nearly as messy.

I have been taking this for about four months now, and haven't really noticed much of a difference. A friend of mine recommended this to me after she said she felt like she didn't have as much fatigue after taking spirulina..

I guess I was expecting to have a lot more energy, and haven't seen those results yet.

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