How do I Choose the Best Soothing Mask?

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Choosing the best soothing mask for you should start with reading the ingredients on the label. If there is any type of fruit, flower or other scent that you're not fond of, then the facial mask product isn't likely to be very soothing for you. Make sure any soothing mask you're considering also doesn't contain any ingredient that your skin may react to, especially in the case of an allergy.

For some people, a clay mask is very soothing, while others simply don't like the idea of placing something so close to mud on their faces. Clay soothing masks are available in different colors as well as scents. If you don't like the look of mud, consider a lavender-scented clay soothing mask in a purple color. Clay facial masks with oatmeal added usually work well to help remove dead skin cells as well as give some oil relief to acne-prone faces.

Whitening facial masks are known to help relieve some of the redness of acne as well as help control pimple break outs. When choosing a whitening soothing mask, it's best to look for one with natural healing ingredients such as aloe vera cream rather than harsh, skin-drying chemicals. Even people without acne may want to use a whitening face mask, as it may add a “glow” by brightening dull skin.


A green tea mask may be especially soothing to sensitive skin as it can deep clean without causing irritation. Ginseng tea soothing masks are also ideal for sensitive skin. Pumice added to a tea soothing mask can help remove dead skin cells naturally without harsh chemicals.

A honey mask is one of the best types of soothing mask for dry skin. Look for oil and glycerin added, as these add moisture. Warm honey facial masks can be especially soothing to the skin as well as help open pores for more thorough cleansing. If your skin is acne-prone, look for honey masks that contain lemon. Beeswax and grapeseed oil are other mask ingredients that can be very soothing as well as moisturizing.

If you're considering choosing an herbal mask, comfrey is usually considered good for all skin types. It's best to choose a soothing mask with natural herbs only rather than the type that may include skin-drying chemicals. Rosemary can help soothe skin, while peppermint can be both relaxing and refreshing.

A cucumber mask can be a good soothing mask for oily skin. It may reduce overall oiliness as well as help lessen under-eye puffiness. While it's advisable to avoid skin mask products with drying or harsh chemicals, it's also important to understand which ingredients are actually beneficial vitamins. For instance, vitamin B3, is thought to help reduce acne; on skin care products it may be listed only as niacinamide. Likewise, vitamin C, a popular skin mask nourishing ingredient, may appear on product labels as ascorbyl palmitate.


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